Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Big Update

I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long!
Not since my first baby appointment.
Well, my next appointment is actually next week.
It's where they're going to do the exam and check up on everything going on with me and with the baby.
I'm hoping it doesn't take too long.

So Brad and I went down to California for the week of Thanksgiving.
We originally weren't planning on going anywhere, but then I got a couple extra days off of work, so we decided to go down there since my brother was driving.
The weather was perfect and amazing the whole time.
My sister Laura and her family were also down for the whole week, so we got to spend plenty of time with Jordyn, Avery, and Peyton.
They'll all so cute and growing so fast, I can't believe it.
Makes me scared for our baby!
She's (or he's) going to grow up too fast!
We didn't do a lot while we were done there since we didn't have our own car to drive, but we were able to go to the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park with my mom, Laura and the girls.
This trip is actually the only time I took pictures the entire week. Haha.

I was hoping to put a picture of my belly in this blog (since I have seriously POPPED. Like, overnight I suddenly looked really pregnant!), but I put my SD card in my lappy and it said the card needed to be formatted and it erased my belly pics!
Oh well, I can always take more.
It's not like this bump is going away anytime soon.
I'm only 13 weeks, but I guess everyone "shows" at different times, so i'm just an early one.
Speaking of being different, my morning sickness as been progressively getting worse.
Yes, I said worse.
Then, to make me feel even less optimistic for the coming weeks, "What to Expect..." mentioned that for some women this far along, the morning sickness continues for the next couple months rather than weeks, for a very few women, this is only the beginning!
I think i'm in that lower percentile.
I've actually lost 6 pounds since my last doctors appt, but since my bump keeps getting bigger, I guess the baby is getting enough nutrients from somewhere.
All the extra fat i've been storing up for the last 20 years maybe? :)

I'll try to get a belly pic up soon.
As soon as i'm done with our Christmas cards!
I've already written our letter to send out with the cards, so those need to be printed, we need to take a Christmas picture so I can finalize our card, print those out, and then finish gathering up addresses.
I'm super excited to be doing this finally.
Growing up, I loved getting everyone pictures and cards and letters in the mail at Christmastime, seeing what family and friends that we didn't see or talk to much had been up to during the year. So fun.

Anyway, I've got a big paper to write due this Friday and then I will be done with this semester.
I only had 2 classes, and I completely gave up on one of them, but the past couple months have been too busy and stressful for school.
I will be so happy when it's over this week!