Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lo Siento

I need to stop procrastinating blogging because then I end up writing one HUGE post!
Beware, there are quite a few pictures in this post.
First, I just wanted to show everyone the little M&M mini cupcakes I made.
They were for a Relief Society get to know you activity at the beginning of the month. They are a little sloppy, but that's because I was in a serious rush. Brad helped me too. He's so awesome, even if he doesn't have the best frosting skills. ;)
A couple Friday's ago, we went with our friends the Roundy's to the straw maze! I had never been and it was pretty cool. They had some family with us as well and we all went to her sister's house afterwards for hot chocolate. Katie stayed awake through the entire maze, which was pretty crazy!
I didn't take many pictures, mostly because I forgot, but here's us waiting to go in!
My friend Daryn stops by every once in a while to visit and chat and one time when she was over here, Katie squiggled her way almost out of the chair and had pulled her headband over her eyes.
She was squirming around and making all these frustrated noises.
It was kinda sad, but also pretty funny so I took a picture (and then promptly helped her out.)
Two Friday's ago, we went to the Corn Maze out in Shelley with a bunch of our friends.
It was cool. Not really worth the hour long drive, but still fun to get out with friends and do something new!
After, we all stopped and ate at Denny's!

There are two pictures of our group because Daryn wanted to take a picture so that I could be in it.
Work has been going well. I've basically been a zombie the last week or so, but I get to nap after I take the girl to school, because then the boy and Katie both nap, which means I do too!
My job makes me way tired as it is, but with Katie teething REALLY badly and not sleeping well because of it, I haven't had very much sleep at all.
Sam loves Katie so much, it's so cute. Whenever we get there in the morning he comes running over to see her saying "A-E, A-E!" (Sam has some speech issues because he had some hearing issues for a while, so he has trouble with his consonants. I've been able to learn some sign language to better communicate with him and it's been so fun!)
Here he is trying to play ball with her!
Katie grabbed the ball and wouldn't let go. Haha!
Sam is always wanting me to take pictures, and since we're always laying on our tummies on the floor together I thought it would make a cute picture.
Not so much. Lol.
I look through the BYU Idaho school bulletin board just about everyday and last week I saw a girl offering to do Halloween photo shoots for babies for free and you get to choose five to keep, so I thought why not!
Katie has a few costumes to choose from but I ultimately chose this bear outfit (even though it isn't really a costume per se) because it was warm and fit her really well.
Here are the five I chose:
Brad actually chose this picture of me and Katie because he thinks it's cute.
Suuuuuuure babe. Haha.
She was pretty fussy and a little uncooperative for most of the shoot because it was right in the middle of her afternoon nap, so we didn't get many smiles and she had her pacifier in a lot.
I feel like I should do something really cool and artsy with this picture, but I don't know what!
Definitely the best one. See, this is how Katie is almost all of the time when she's not teething. Big smiles and uber cute.
We also took some family photos on Friday with another girl from the bulletin board who was offering to do them for only $5! And we get a CD with all the pictures! Woo!
I should be getting them in the next day or two, so hopefully i'll get around to blogging about it.

Last night, Friday night, I threw a Halloween party in our lounge!
It was so fun to plan and make all the goodies, but also really stressful.
My little sister Marci was SO great to help me put it all together and I am so grateful!
(Did I mention Marci's bf of 3 years Mario was staying with us for the last two weeks? He flew up from Cali to visit her here and stayed in our spare room. He left on Friday afternoon.)
I took a few pictures of the party, but mostly of the food I made, but you can see all those on Facebook if you like.

Here's the food table. I made everything there except for the little green alien cupcakes in the front. Daryn brought those. :)
We also had more food brought later by the Roundy's, the Jordan's, The Dickey's, and the Petrich's. Thanks guys!
Unfortunately, I focused so much on the food that we had a serious lack of extra drinks, spoons, forks, etc... but oh well!
(You really should check out the pics on Facebook because I made some cute cute goodies if I do say so myself)
The party was also lacking in activities, but mostly people played ping-pong, talked, ate, and then we all played Mafia a couple times!
It was a really good turn-out with around 20 people so it was awesome.
Anyway, this month has been pretty eventful and the weather has been SO NICE, for the most part.
I am so glad that summer/fall lasted so long.
Unfortunately, winter is pretty much upon us now.

That's all for now!
I'll blog next time about our family photo shoot and our awesome Halloween decorations!
Oh, and maybe about our not-so-new-anymore apartment since I forgot to do that last month!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Crazy crazy coupon lady

I just have to post about what I just did at Albertsons because I think it was pretty awesome.

I did 3 separate transactions because it was cheaper out of pocket right then and there for me since all I had on hand was a $5 bill and some change.

Transaction 1:
Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom (the liquid kind)- Regular price $7.49
On sale for $4.99
Used $2.00/1 coupon from
Used a $0.50 off my next purchase coupon from my last shopping trip
Total= $2.49 ($0.30 tax= $2.79)
Recieved a catalina coupon for $2.00 off my next purchase

Transaction 2:
Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom (the liquid kind)- Regular price- $7.49
On sale for $4.99
Used $2.00/1 coupon from
Used $2.00 off my next purchase from transaction 1
Total= $0.99 ($0.30 tax=$1.29)

Transaction 3:
2 bags of Halls cough drops- Regular price for 2- $3.98
On sale for $0.99 a bag [Side note, I accidentally grabbed one of the more expensive bags of Halls which ended up costing me an extra $1.49]
Used $1/2 coupon
Dial bar soap 3pack- Regular price- $2.79
On sale for $1.50
Used $0.35/1 coupon that rounded up to $1/1 with Albertson's Great Coupon Round Up Promo
Used $2.00 off my next purchase from transaction 2
Total= $0.98 ($0.26 tax= $1.24)

In the end I got $23.11 worth of items for only $5.32
Which was just about all I had in my wallet and now we're ready for cold and flu season. :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Last night, I decided to let Katie have her first "real" food.
She has been SO interested in grown up food lately and wants so bad to eat whatever I am eating.
I know she is just shy of 4 months, so it's really early to start her on food, but I figured there's no harm in giving it a shot just once.
Plus, my milk supply has been REALLY low lately from not eating enough (I'm supposed to have about 2300 calories a day, but because of work i've been getting less than 1500 i'm sure) so she's been eating every hour and it's driving me crazy!
Especially since she was sleeping so good for a while, about 6-7 hours from 10-5 or 6, but now she gets me up every hour to eat!
Anyway, it was just some rice cereal but she seemed to really enjoy it!
It was super messy, which was expected, but it didn't help her sleep any better or fill her up, so i'll continue to just exclusively breastfeed for the next month or so I think.
Just gotta get more calories in during the day to up my milk!

Videos of her eating will be on Facebook soon!

My Little Zoo Animal

Last Saturday was a free admission day to the Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls.
Since we'd never been, we decided to go!
Katie enjoyed being outside, as she always does, and was even a little interested in some of the animals.
It was SUPER busy and it's a pretty small zoo, so getting around with our stroller, and parking, were kind of awful, but we still had a good time.

This monkey was SO funny! He was just chillin' by the glass, arm up and relaxing. Sorry about the reflection of some little girl's flip flops.
We got her this cute little shirt from the gift shop. 35% off!