Friday, February 26, 2010

Long week.

The last week has been pretty uneventful.
At least it feels that way.
I've been sick a few times this week, which is really discouraging when I thought I was finally over morning sickness.
I had a small cold a couple days ago which transferred over to Brad. :(
He's been really busy with school this week and being sick on top of it is just so miserable for him!
At least the semester is halfway over...
We actually had a lot of stuff going on this week, but since I feel like it's been 2 or 3 weeks, it seems like we haven't been busy.
We had our home teachers come over, my visiting teachers come over, Brad went home teaching, and I went to RS choir practice all on Sunday.
Tuesday we were planning on going to the cannery for a ward assignment but homework and exhaustion got in the way.
Brad had an interview at some company here in town on Tuesday, so my brother Paul came over and hung out with me for most of the day.
Wednesday there was a Relief Society fireside.
Then yesterday Brad was on campus from 8 in the morning until after 9 at night!
He had to meet with his group about a presentation at 4:30 and it lasted until 9:15ish.
Rather than not see my husband all day, I joined Brad on campus after his last class, we had lunch together in the MC, then I read books and magazines while he worked until around 7:30 when I left to go visiting teaching.

As you can see, nothing too exciting happened and I hate it because it makes time move slower.
Am I really only 25 weeks along?
Brad's interview was exciting of course, but that's about it.
Hopefully they will call him in for a second interview.
I'm not exactly clear what the company is or what Brad would be doing because it's computer stuff, but it would be a job that doesn't start at 4 in the morning like his current one, and he could possibly use it as an internship for his major.
We'll see!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Teensy Weensy

The good thing about having a baby girl in my family?
Lots of hand-me-downs.
And I can't get enough of these little diapers!
They're smaller than my hand!
Imagine her cute teeny little booty!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


(Baby name hint: the first letter of her name is somewhere in the title of this blog)

Dang, I have seriously been on top of the blogging lately!
Anyway, I just wanted to post about mine and Brad's first official baby purchase.

I've been looking at baby clothes for hours on end the last couple weeks and finally yesterday I decided to buy one!
We headed to Ross, because I just love Ross!, and bought a little 3-piece set.
It's got a little shirt-dress, a onesie, and some pants.
Unfortunately, they didn't have anything in newborn/0-3 month sizes that were cute, so the outfit probably won't fit her for a couple months, but that's ok.
I know, everyone is surprised it took me this long to start buying baby things, but as Brad says "immediate needs first," so we've been putting it off.
Anyway, I just love the little chick on the outfit and the bright yellow buttons.
They make me smile so much. :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend: Part 2

Since we mostly celebrated our Valentine's Day yesterday, we didn't do too much today.
First, I didn't make it to church today :(
I barely slept at all because I had intense, horrific pain in my side, much like what happened to me earlier in my pregnancy.
I mean, it's such bad pain that I literally want to rip off my left side.
Anyway, I wimpered myself to sleep at some point, but woke up many times after, so It was very hard for me to get out of bed this morning. :(
Luckily, I had enough energy to make some Valentine's Day themed food for dinner!
I made homemade heart-shaped pizzas (one of which puffed up and came out pretty dumb looking), Shirley Temples to drink, followed by parfaits with layers of homemade chocolate mousse, homemade whipped cream, and strawberries.
I also topped the parfaits with little chocolate heart garnishes that I made as well as a sliced strawberry cut to look like a heart.

It was all a little prettier than it tasted (the mousse was a little gritty), but still fun to make and eat.
The whipped cream was especially yummy and luckily I have a lot leftover, so i'll be eating whipped cream for lunch tomorrow. :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend: Part 1

It's always hard to go out and celebrate holidays when they're on a Sunday, so Brad and I started our Valentine's Day early.
We started out by going to the Broadway Revue concert on campus on Friday night.
Brad kept it a secret what we were doing until we got there, which was pretty silly, but fun.
We listened to students singing Broadway songs and just enjoyed spending some time together away from the apartment.
After the show, we went straight to a birthday party!
My friend Cynthia turned 23 and invited some couples from the ward to celebrate in the lounge here.
We played some games, ate cake, and just had a good time.
It was also fun because I actually knew everyone there, which always makes parties more enjoyable. :)
Saturday, we slept in until 10, which was HEAVENLY.
Then the gift that Brad got for me arrived in the mail, so Brad got pretty impatient for gifts and we opened them before we even had breakfast!
Brad got me the Pink edition of the Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book that i've been wanting for forever!
I can't tell you how excited I am to start cooking from this beautiful pink masterpiece.
He also went out later in the day to get me some gorgeous pink carnations :)
I won't tell you what Brad's gift was, but just know that he loved it.
After presents and whatnot, I made us some cinnamon rolls and we just hung out until around 5 when we left to go out to dinner. (I know. We eat dinner at 5. We're old, ok?)
We wanted to try someplace new so we went to Da Pineapple Grill, which is a Hawaiian-Asian place and it was really yummy.
Here we are waiting for our food!
It turned out to be a really nice day filled with love and giving each other mushy, lovey-dovey eyes.
Valentine's isn't over yet though!
Tomorrow I'm going to try and make cute romantic sweets and desserts and stuff, so that should be fun!
I'll be sure to take pictures and blog about it.

In other news, I let my hair go natural yesterday, so for all you "Kim has curly hair" skeptics out there, here's proof!
Brad also cleaned the dust out of my laptop fan.
He's so handy. :D
And this wouldn't be a real post without our baby girl making an appearance somewhere!

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend too, filled with lots of appreciation and love!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Than Halfway Through

Yesterday completed my 23rd week of pregnancy.
I know it's not a big milestone or anything, but it seemed to signal some changes in me.
For the first half of my pregnancy, my hair was falling out in record amounts, and starting a week ago, i've had more hair than I can handle!
My morning sickness had also been slowly going away (maybe).
I did throw up 3 out of the last 5 days, but that's better than every day, right?
I've also had more energy, but that could just be a result of sleeping in until 9 or 10 everyday. :)
Anyway, I meant to ask Brad to take some pictures of my huge stomach yesterday, but forgot, so I tried to snap some of myself.
I'll try and get better ones next time.

I apologize for my creepy face. Haha.

This is me, sans head!
Self-timer. I'm not sure why I can't make normal faces in pictures, but at least here you can see just how big I am!

Unfortunately, I think i've reached that "nesting" period in pregnancy.
Well, mainly I just want to look at baby stuff all day and buy everything!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


The last few days have been SO nice.
Apart from working for 3 hours on Tuesday morning, I have absolutely loved being able to stay home.
It's amazing what more sleep and less stress can do!
I've been able to do so many things, and nothing, all at the same time.
On Monday, I spent some time with Ana cutting out quilt squares at the Humanitarian Services Center for blankets for the Haiti earthquake victims.
I love volunteering and service and i'm so excited to have more time to do so.
I've also had time to meal plan, which has been kinda fun.
On Sunday, I planned out dinners for the next week, wrote out a shopping list for items I needed, compared sale prices between stores, and found what coupons I was going to need and use.
It was so fun!
So far we've had Chicken Pillows with a side of stuffing and broccoli on Monday, we had a pot roast with carrots and potatoes (Paul came over to eat with us and we watched the Lost season premier) on Tuesday, Leftovers on Wednesday, and we'll be having BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches today.
Tomorrow is 5 cheese tortelloni with a side of broccoli (although I might convince Brad to go out to dinner since Friday is our date night), Saturday is mini pizzas, and then Sunday will be meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
Oh, and to make up for the leftovers on Wednesday, I made breakfast instead- bacon, egg and cheese baked quesadillas with some fresh-cut pineapple.
I love being able to cook again, now that I actually have some energy at the end of the day.
I've also been able to clean!
Brad made some comment yesterday about how it's weird to see an empty sink!
The last few weeks have just been so bad for the cleanliness in our home; the sink was constantly full or overflowing with dirty dishes.
Now I can actually keep on top of things like dishes, dusting, laundry, etc.
Brad said that he loves having me home and I can't help but agree.
Today was a "me" day and I feel so darn good right now.
I slept in, watched Friends for about an hour, took a hot bubble bath while sipping a Shirley Temple and listening to Maria Mena, did my hair and makeup, gave myself a pedicure, and now i'm watching "It Happened One Night" and eating chocolate covered cherries.
Then, i'll be doing some yoga for pregnant women and maybe taking a nap?
It doesn't get much better than this.
Tomorrow i'll probably be volunteering at a local cat shelter, feeding the cats and playing with the kittens and whatnot.
Every pregnant woman should stop working after 5 months.
It's so nice.