Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Off To Work I Go!

I started nannying again at the end of August.
It's for the same family as before and although I complained a lot about it and ultimately quit, I'm sure it'll be better and easier this time around.
The job didn't pay much to start with, and this time it's $100 less, but there are some upsides and reasons I'm sure I can do it this time.
1. I'm not pregnant this time. Pregnancy took away my patience, my energy, my optimism, and my sleep. All things I desperately needed to nanny which I have now.
2. Little Kyah is now in Kindergarten! One of my biggest complaints was that the little girl didn't seem to know how to entertain herself or do anything herself. While I love Barbies, i'm not ok with playing it on the floor for hours while she tells me exactly what to say and do. Now, she's gone at 12:15 everyday and comes home with her mom after school.
3. The kids love Katie! It's awesome that I can take Katie to work with me and even more awesome that the kids sit around and smile and talk to her all day.
4. With hospital bills, a higher rent, and a need for furniture, the extra money is definitely welcome.
5. This reason is a little ridiculous, but I love having little taste-testers! I've been trying to cook more homemade and fresh things and I can't really trust Brad to tell me what he thinks about my experiments. Either he doesn't want to try whatever it is or he just says "It's good." Thanks for the help, babe. Little kids that sit there and scarf whatever it is down and say "This is SO good!" and ask for seconds or push the food away and ask for something else are much more helpful.

Anyway, the job is going well so far and even though I don't like having to get up everyday at 6, it's setting a better routine than the sleep from 1-noon everyday I had going on. Haha!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time Sure Flies!

I can't believe it's been over a month since i've blogged.
Shoot, I can't believe it's been 3 months since Katie was born!
She's getting so big, so fast.
I actually love it!
It's great when they're super small and sleep a lot, but she's so much more fun smiling and talking and playing.
A few updates on Katie:
She can roll over! She's been able to roll from her back to her tummy for a few weeks now and does it every chance she gets, though she gets really frustrated afterwards because she can't roll back yet.
She loves to talk, but gets pretty shy about it around other people.
She doesn't really have a routine yet; She just does her own thing, but I don't really mind.
She sleeps when she's tired and eats when she's hungry and I think that's just how she is.
Some babies just don't do well with schedules and whatnot.
Besides, I don't really have a routine for myself, so it kind of works for both of us.
And Yes, i'm getting enough sleep, since everyone asks me.
Katie LOVES to be outdoors and feel the wind and she likes to swim a lot too. :)

My mom has some pictures of Katie in my aunt Kathryn's pool, but she hasn't sent them to me yet.
Katie always does this thing where Brad or I will be holding her and she'll be sleeping, then we'll look down after a few minutes and she'll be wide awake just staring up at us!
It's SO funny!
Katie loves her daddy!
She always falls asleep when he holds her. Haha.
I got this sweet onesie for her to wear to the Kynetx lunches and whatnot. (Kynetx is where Brad works and they have lunches on Fridays where people can come for free lunch and learn about the company and what's new and everything.)
She totally loves her WubbaNub pacifier and I am so glad I bought it.
She's always holding onto the kitty and falling asleep with it.
I just wish the actual pacifier part wasn't one of those green ones because they don't seem to stay in her mouth very well. Maybe she just doesn't like them.

Our little gangster baby.
Back in April, my brother told us about a sale going on at Allegiant Airlines: $19 for a one-way direct flight between Idaho Falls and Los Angeles, so we decided to buy some tickets to fly down to Cali for my birthday, where we could visit with my family and use some free Disney vouchers to go to Disneyland.
We went down last Thursday and went to D-land on Friday, my birthday.
It was lots of fun and not as boring as Brad thought. Haha.
My mom, little sister Marci and her bf Mario when with us, so there was always someone to hold Katie and my mom held her while we went on the more adult-friendly rides.
Katie did love some of the family rides though., the kind where you sit in a boat and look at stuff like Pirates, It's a Small World, Enchanted Tiki Room, etc...
She would just look all around and was so curious!

My mom got her an adorable little Disneyland shirt to wear.

Family picture! (I always look gross as theme parks. Haha!)
Disneyland has been showing the old Michale Jackson 3-D movie, Captain EO, ever since he died, so we went and saw it.
I'd only ever seen the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids show that they've been showing for years, but Captain EO was the one my mom always saw back in the 80's.
Katie in the 3-D glasses. Lol!

All in all, it was a fun trip, but super short.
We didn't get to my parent's house from the airport until Thursday night, spent all day at Disneyland on Friday, did some shopping with my mom on Saturday, and then left super early Sunday morning!
Luckily, my mom flew back up with us because my dad had driven Marci up here for school!
I helped them move Marci into the dorms and my mom helped me organize stuff in our new apartment (blog about the new apt to come tomorrow) on Monday, and them my parents took off on their own adventure!
They went to Yellowstone and Wyoming and Mount Rushmore and all over the place.
I miss em already but hopefully we'll go down there for Thanksgiving.

It's been an amazing 12 weeks with Katie and I love watching her grow more and more each day.
Babies are awesome!