Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yeah yeah

I am aware that the title of my blog is Mrs. Odasso and that I won't be Mrs. Odasso for another 6 days.

However, since I am always too lazy to change my blog, I figured I might as well do it now while i'm super bored before I never get around to it, you know?

Here comes the bride...

I really wanted to post yesterday, but between then hours long drive, listening to Eclipse, and doing 360's on the highway due to ice, I didn't have much time.
The reason I wanted to post yesterday is because, well, it was exactly ONE WEEK until Brad and I get married!
Of course, now it's only 6 days, which is even better.
It's hard to contain my excitement.
Brad and I mention it every chance we get.
I bring it up in relief society, on facebook and myspace, in casual conversation, everywhere!
I can't even fathom how wonderful our life is going to be after January 3rd.
Brad is the most amazing man i've ever met, and I know he's going to be even more amazing as a husband, and someday, as a father.

We're up in Idaho right now, staying with my brother.
The snow is INSANE and I want to get out as soon as possible, but i've got to meet with my branch president in the next couple days to talk about what's going to happen in the temple, and after that, we'll take off on our journey to eternity.
Cheesy, I know. Haha.
Anyway, We'll get to Vegas on Friday, get married on Saturday, stay in Vegas a few days, then drive down to D-Town for the reception the following Saturday.
Then, sadly, it's back up here.
Though, i'm really not too bummed about living in Rexburg.
I'll be living with Brad and that's all that matters.

Christmas was nice.
Brad and I hung out at my parents house and just played games and watched movies and all around chilled.
I got a lot of weather related presents, so obviously my family knows my distaste for cold weather.
Two pairs of cozy socks, slippers, a down comforter, thermals, and an electric heater.
At least i'll stay warm here!
I would list my other presents, but that's not really what Christmas is about, so yeah.
I will say that I lvoe having Christmas with family.
Even though my little sister was being a huge snot the whole day, it was still nice to sit around early in the morning and just enjoy each others company.
I'm so excited to be starting my own family VERY soon!
Even if it does only include me and Brad.

Other than these big events, not much has happened.
Went and saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
It was pretty good, so I would recommend it.
Had my first pap smear.
That was an experience.
Moving into Brad and I's new apartment hopefully tomorrow.
I'll sleep over there and unpack stuff while Brad will probably keep sleeping at my Brother's for a couple nights until we drive back down for the wedding.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yeah, I know....

I haven't posted in about 22 days.
It's insane.
I've never really gone this long.
But I have probable cause!
When I was living at Karen's, her internet RARELY ever worked, and when it did, it was generally only for a minute or two at a time.
Most of the time, though, I was working or something.
Anyway, I suppose I should update you all on what's been going down.

I quit my job at Sams Club.
My last day was the 15th.
I know that I didn't work there very long and that I probably shouldn't have even considered giving up a job in this economy, but not having it will make my life so much easier.
Because I quit, I was able, with Brad, to come down to California for a little bit!
Which is where I am now.
I packed up all my stuff, moved out of Karen's, put some things in storage, and Brad and I took off.
We stopped in Utah on the way down to stay with Jenna and Travis.
I also picked up my wedding dress on the way down, so there's one less thing I have to worry about.
Since we've been down here, we've done a lot of nothing.
Lot's of shopping, I guess, to Brad's dismay, but we've been fairly lazy overall.
Tonight we worked on Favors for the reception, and once Christmas is over, it'll be easier to work on more wedding plans and decorations and what not.
11 days!
Unfortunately, we've got to head back up to Idaho on Saturday, which is kind of lame, but will be worth it.
I'm going to be meeting with my stake president for my temple recommend, and then meeting with my branch president to discuss everything that will happen in the temple, so it's pretty exciting.
Then I'll move into our new apartment and start moving stuff in there and Brad will probably just stay with my brother or something.
Then we'll head down to Vegas on the first or second, get married on the third, then spend the next few days in Vegas in pure wedded bliss.
Then we'll just drive down to DHS and have the reception on the 10th, then back up to Idaho.
Oh joy. (There is a hint of sarcasm there just because Idaho is too freaking cold for me and I don't really want to live there.)

So that's really all that's been going on.
See, if I had been blogging continuously, you probably would have been bored.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Liar Liar? Lol.

So, I told Brad that I was going to sleep right now, when in reality i'm going to blog as a surprise!
Why is it a surprise you ask?
Because this entire post is dedicated to him!
It is going to be one giant list of reasons why I love him!
So if you're not cool with the mushy gushy stuff, you might want to avoid this particular blogging experience.
Or you can read on and see for yourself just how amazing Brad is!

  • First and foremost is his spirit. He has such faith and belief in not just religious things like Heavenly Father and the gospel, but in everything. His spirit shines through in everything he does.
  • He's so freaking caring! I've never been one to let other people take care of me. Most of my life I was rather independent, believe it or not. But Brad cares so much for me and my well-being and everything, and I don't mind!
  • His eyes. I always knew I would fall for a guy with blue eyes. "Cause Blue Eyes, you're all that I neeeeeed!" Lol.
  • The way one little section of his hair stands straight up after he's slept on it or after I run my fingers through it too much. Not only does it show the more real, less polished "Brad," it's just cute.
  • His voice. How he sings all the time. How he sings to me. How he sings loudly in the car. How he sings all the different parts in the hymns.
  • His talent at easy-to-make "Box Meals" and "Pasta Sides." Lol. Yummy!
  • He's just so darn funny! And it's not an obvious funny. Most people probably wouldn't catch a lot of things, but subtle things he says and does that he doesn't even mean to be funny... those things make me laugh.
  • He is so unbelievably geeky. You don't even know. It makes me feel better about myself because people think that I'M geeky. Lol.
  • How chill he is. Even though it can get me frustrated when he never makes any decisions and I always have to choose what to do, it's nice that because of this, it never creates any arguments or conflicts.
  • Speaking of which, we never argue! Sure, he's made me mad or sad or cry or whatever a couple times, but never really intentionally. Honestly, I know some people who probably will never believe that it is not possible for me to argue because it's just in my nature. I always like Debate. But with Brad, we never argue. Not seriously. Maybe about nasty fat milk versus delicious skim milk, but that's it.
  • His hands are so soft! All the time!
  • How he scares me when he drives. It's like nice little adrenaline rushes, but still knowing that i'm safe because i'm with him.
  • How he holds my hand everywhere we go.
  • Pretty much the only thing he doesn't like about me is my vast amount of shoes. And I mean, what can I do about it? Nothing! I have to have my shoes!
  • He totally will watch chick flicks with me. And like them.
  • He will go shopping at 7 in the morning with me on the busiest shopping day of the year.
  • We have the same size feet and hands. I know this sounds like a strange one, but I love it! I love my humongo feet and man-hands, and the fact that Brad shares them with me is amazing!
  • I know this is classic cheesy girly stuff, but how he tells me i'm beautiful all the time. I mean, Brad has seen me when i've looked BAD. Like nasty, frizzy, gross, smelly bad. And he'll just look me straight in the eye and tell me i'm the most beautiful woman in the world. And even though I call him a liar everytime, it's still a nice thought. Haha.
  • He has more music on his computer than me. And that is seriously a huge feat right there.
  • He hurts when I hurt and because I hurt. That someone could care so much for me that it hurts them just because i'm in pain is so incredible. That's when you know it's love. I heard this in a movie or something, but it was like, "You know it's true love when you care more for the well-being of another person more than for yourself" or something like that.
  • He's so cuddly!
  • I love when we kiss while he's driving! I know this doesn't sound safe, and it really isn't at all, but kissing him while he's got both hands on the wheel and one eye on the road is such a rush! Lol!
  • How he thinks all the dumb little things I do are cute. I always just thought they were dumb. Guess not. Haha.
  • How he lets me fall asleep on him.
  • How our whole relationship is based on Lego Star Wars. :D
  • We never ever get bored of each other. I would give anything to spend every single SECOND with Brad for the rest of eternity. I mean, we would seriously never have to part. It would be amazing.
  • He cooks with me!
  • He's a computer/internet junkie, which is just perfect for me!
  • How he really does always seem to know the right then to say and when to say it. It kind of amazes me at how accurately he seems to understand just what it is I need to hear and when I need to hear it, whether he realizes it or not.
  • How he plays the piano. Screw the whole "Guys who play guitar are sexy" thing. Break me off a piece of that piano player!
  • How he;s listening to Twilight! He went and saw the movie with me and I kept trying to get him to read the books too, but he doesn't really ever have time to read, so he downloaded the audio books and we listened to em last week! He finished the first and the second one already and is currently downloading the third one! And he seems to like em, which is pretty sweet. Brad is SO my Edward.
  • He'll watch movies with me all day if I asked him too. I LOVE movies and most people think i'm crazy because I can watch movie after movie for the entire day, but Brad will totally sit around and watch with me!

So, I was planning on this being WAY longer, but my eyes are starting to get droopy, and even though I have tons more floating in my head right now, I really am about to fall asleep, so i'll post this for now and update the rest tomorrow.
I love you Brad!
For time and all eternity.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Caution: LONG post.

So, I realize I haven't blogged in two weeks...
I was just pretty busy, and then I was gone all last week and didn't take my lappy, so there ya go.
Anyways, this blog is dedicated to my latest vacation.

It started last Sunday.
After tithing settlement/check up on the marriage thing with my branch president, Brad and I set out on our journey.
We drove to Orem, Utah to stay with Jenna and Travis for the night, listening to Twilight on Brad's ipod on the way.
We got there, I think we ate some food, and then just went to sleep pretty much.
We decided to leave around 9 the next day, hoping to be in Desert Hot Springs, SoCal by 7ish.
So, we started driving.
About 4 hours later, Twilight stopped working.
Apparently, the second half of the file was corrupted or something, so we were stuck listening to the few songs Brad had on his ipod.
Along the drive, I of course, being the more adventurous one, wanted to stop at different places and look around, go for walks, etc...
But Brad, being the dull one (I love you Brad!) just wanted to drive straight down there, so there was a lot of sitting.
Anyway, on to more interesting things.
We got into my home town around 8, I think (after missing the turn outside Vegas so we could take the back roads. We ended up having to take the freeway and deal with traffic. Bleh.) and just kind of chilled at my parents house.
We ate a little bit of food my dad had made, watched whatever movie was playing on T.V. and pretty much just sat around and did a lot of nothing, apart from going to Walmart in the evening and just walking around.
It was nice after I had been working so much.
So then on Tuesday, we went and saw the movie Bolt with my little sister (which was super cute bytheway!), we probably played some Bloons Tower Defense (I can't really remember what we did. It was so long ago!).
Wednesday was Knotts Berry Farm day!!!
We left around 8:30 and got there soon after.
It was super sweet because it was kind of drizzly outside, and it was a Wednesday, so the park was practically empty!
Which meant no lines for rides!
For those who know me well, they know that Knotts Berry Farm is seriously my favorite theme park ever, so obviously it was a fun day.
For the most part.
I'll get to the negative later.
Basically, Brad and I went on every single ride we wanted to, ate funnel cake and drank boysenberry punch, and won some stuffed animals of course.
When the day was done and we were all pretty tired, my parents too us all (Brad, me, my little sister and her boyfriend) out to dinner at this restaurant we used to go to when I was younger called PoFolks.
It's super yummy and they give you TONS of food.
The drive home was nice.
Watched a movie.
Once we got home, however, is when the trouble started.
My stomach had been hurting for a little bit on the drive back, but once we got home it was way worse.
Brad and I were laying down on one of the beds in the RV, waiting for my sister and nieces to finally arrive, and my stomach just kept feeling worse and worse.
My mom soon came out and told me that they had arrived, and when I got up from the bed, I knew something bad was about to happen.
Sure enough, I got in the house and ran straight to the bathroom.
It had been so long since I had puked, I had forgotten how terrible it really is.
I sat with my head on the toilet seat for a while, occasionally leaning my head so more vomit could come out.
It was seriously disgusting.
The worst part?
I could see bits of funnel cake in there.
Anyway, once I thought I was finished, I cleaned myself up and went to go see my nieces for a bit.
Once they were put to bed, I realized how tired I was and got up from the couch to head to the cot my mom had set up for me in my sister's room.
Once again, I ran to the bathroom and spent a bit more time in there.
I then went to the kitchen, grabbed the giant yellow bowl, my mom gave me a water bottle, and I laid in my cot, writhing in pain and not able to fall asleep (not all because of the pain though. My brother-in-law had brought Rock Band with him, so everyone was playing it nice and loud.)
Thursday was a little better.
Brad and I woke up super early and started our drive to Las Vegas.
He had resolved the Twilight problem, so we listened to some more of it.
Once in Vegas, Brad and I went right to the hotel his mom and sisters were staying in.
We visited for a bit with his mom, dad, and sisters, and then took off to Southe Pointe for the Thanksgiving Day buffet.
The line was long and the turkey was dry, but overall, I left "smiling and satisfied" (That's what she said. Thanks Jim! Lol.)
Later, we went over to some outlets down the street and just walked through it, going through a couple random stores and not buying anything.
Friday was BLACK FRIDAY!
Of course, I dragged Brad out early in the morning (Not too early. We left a little after 7) and hit up Frys.
Most of the super good stuff was already gone, but we left with a wireless router for 15 bucks, an external hard drive for me for 70, and a couple laptop cooling pads for just 3 bucks each.
We ate some food in the little cafe they had in Frys, a couple breakfast croissants, so we were set for some more shopping!
B y the time we left Frys, it was already 9:30ish, so we didn't get to Walmart around 10.
I knew all the Kitchenaids for just 130 would be gone already, but I figured there might be some good deals left.
Luckily enough, there were tons of movies for sale!
So naturally, my movie purchasing instincts kicked in, and I bought 6 movies, all for 20 dollars!
Though I also bought Yahtzee for 5 bucks.
Later in the day, we went over to an old friend of Brad's family and visited with her and her kids for a while.
After that, we just played computer games.
Saturday was the day we were leaving, so we packed up everything in the morning and cleaned up the rooms a bit, then left a little bit before 10.
This time, I made Brad stop along the way.
We stopped in St. George and got some food at McDonalds and drove past the temple to take a couple pictures.
I also made sure we got out and walked around whenever we would get gas.
We also finished Twilight and started New Moon.
We decided to stay the night at my Aunt's house in Alpine and got there around 6.
We had dinner with them and played more Bloons, obviously.
Then my brother came by, because he too was staying the night there on his way back to Idaho, and we all visited for a bit before hitting the sack.
We got up Sunday morning and got ready for church and had some pancakes for breakfast.
We then went to church, got back, ate some lunch, played more Bloons, and then Brad and I left a bit after 2.
We stopped in Salt Lake and walked around Temple Square, took some more pictures, when through the visitors centers, and tried to get up to the roof of the conference center, but the only was to do that was to take a tour, and we didn't really have time for one, so we walked around the part of the roof that was accessible to the public.
Then we just drive straight on back to Idaho, got all unpacked, I made myself and Brad some dinner, and then out vacation was basically officially over.

It still sucks to think that Brad and I could have been married right now.
We could have been married for almost a week now.
But I know everything happens for a reason.
And January 3rd is only a month and 2 days off, so i'm sure out patience will be worth it.

In other news, just briefly, I should be hearing back from the HR director at Flagg Ranch Resort sometime this week, and hopefully she'll be delivering good news.
I would LOVE for Brad and I to work up in Yellowstone for the summer for a few reasons:
First, I've never been to Yellowstone and have always wanted to go. I love nature and hiking and camping and stuff, so it should be fun.
Second, what a perfect way for Brad and I to get closer during our first year of marriage! Working together, in a somewhat isolated environment.
And Third, internet access is very limited. I know this would normally sound more like a con than a pro coming from me, but I'm excited to not have access to the world wide web every second of the day. There is only internet in the rec room and only on their computers, so if all the comps are busy, you're out of luck. I just feel like Brad and I have become completely consumed in being online, that we haven't had as much "chill and talk" time as we used to. As I mentioned in my second perk, I want to spend that time getting closer to Brad, and it will be a whole lot easier without laptop screens in front of our faces constantly.

That's pretty much it.
I would have posted some pictures from our trip on here, but I'm still trying to get everything on my external hard drive and I don't want to mess anything up by trying to load pictures on here.
I'll put some up on Facebook soon though, so be on the lookout!