Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just a quick update on life

I'm now 22 weeks pregnant! I seriously can't believe how fast this is going by! Our little boy swims around in there like crazy, although he's been like that all along. I still can't believe I felt him moving at only 13 weeks! At my last ultrasound, the technician said that I could have felt him moving so early because the placenta is more near my side and back, so there is less "stuff" in the way of feeling the movements. He said that with Katie, the placenta was probably more towards the front of my belly, which is why I didn't feel her for so long. Pretty interesting! He also mentioned that this little guy looks just like Katie. I have to agree. I have Odasso babies, for sure.
My energy levels have been ALL OVER THE PLACE! One day I have tons of energy and am super motivated, and then the next day I feel like it's hard to get out of bed. This is really making it frustrating to plan anything.
My belly is getting HUGE! I'm almost entirely in maternity clothes now and realizing that I really need to buy some more. Last time I bought maternity clothes, it was winter in Rexburg and most of my things are just way too warm to wear in the summer. (Funny story, I was asked to play one of the Ten Virgins from the bible story in a little play my church is putting on. Hope they don't mind my pregnant belly! Hahaha!!!)
I'm starting to have more of an appetite, which is a blessing and a curse. It's great to be able to eat more than half a sandwich at a time, but annoying when I'm eating up all the food in the apartment. I almost ate an entire Chipotle burrito last night, so that should tell you something.
I've been waking up in the middle of the night with awful leg cramps. What an annoying pregnancy symptom! As if I don't already barely get any sleep.
I've been trying to craft more lately and it's been pretty fun! I'll have to post pictures later.

Brad's contract was extended at his work, so we're definitely here for a while longer. He wasn't brought on full-time, sadly, but there is still hope! He's been a bit overloaded at work since one guy moved, so that's been rough. I can tell he's been extra stressed. Actually, last week Katie was having trouble sleeping, and was in our bed for most of the night. She was tossing and turning so much that I was laying awake in bed for about two hours until I looked at the clock, saw that it was 3:30 in the morning, and Brad still hadn't come to bed! I went out to the living room and saw him doing work on his laptop! I had to force him to come to bed. Poor guy. Hopefully they relieve some of his work load, or at least bring him on full-time for a pay raise!
Other than work, he's just been doing the usual, playing computer games. Oh boy. He did get a new rifle for his birthday, however, and went to the shooting range once! I have a lot of plans for this summer, so i'll be getting this man out of the house more often.
Speaking of, can I just mention that I love when Brad takes Katie out to the playground to play? Of course it's a nice little Katie-free break for me, but I like to peek off our balcony and watch them playing together. So cute! I really don't think any daddy could love his daughter more. :)

Man, this girl's vocabulary is just taking off! It's so great to see and hear her communicating more, not to mention a relief for us frustrated parents. She's especially good at voicing her opinion about what cartoon/movie she wants to watch. Oh, and saying "Help!" which is actually really embarrassing. She will scream "help!" over everything, even when we are picking her up to leave the playground. Wouldn't you feel pretty embarrassed to be picking up your child at the park, only to have her screaming "help! help!" very loudly? Yeah, we avoid eye contact with other people when this happens. Haha!
I stopped nursing her about 6 weeks ago and it was pretty rough on both of us. She still asks for "wuk" occasionally, pulling at my shirt, and it's so hard to say no. especially when there is still milk in there. This pregnancy just really made it difficult on me physically to keep going. Sorry little girl! Hopefully she won't be too jealous when the new baby comes and gets to breastfeed.
Some other things about Katie recently:
-She's very picky about food. Argh! And I tried so hard to give her great variety!
-She is still one of the most active kids you will see.
-She acts as if bananas are lollipops or chocolate or something, she gets so excited about them.
-Sleeping has gotten better. She has more of a steady schedule now, so that's been nice.
-Outside is her favorite place to be, besides mommy's arms of course.
-My cuddle bug is now 22 months old!
-Her imagination continues to grow more everyday. She has now started incorporating different voices for her toys when she is playing.
-She can count to 6, kind of. She says 1, 2, 3, 5, 6. We don't know what happened to 4.
-She knows quite a few colors. White and black are her favorite to say, although she's pretty good blue, orange, and purple.

Baby Boy:
We're almost set on a name for this little dude, but I don't know. I have a name that I absolutely love, but Brad doesn't like it. We had agreed on a name that we both liked, but now that a little time has passed, i'm not sure I like it very much. Little boys are SO hard to name! I'm still open to suggestions if anyone has anything great!
I've accumulated quite a good stash of baby boy things already. I'm just so excited! I've got outfits for the first couple of months, 6 new blankets (because most all of the ones we have were pink), and a few miscellaneous things- a bottle, some shoes and a few new cloth diapers. If anyone is interested in getting things for this little dude, a cloth diaper or two would be fab. Almost my entire stash is pink or purple or flowery! I've also started a baby registry on if you want to look. It's mostly there so I can check off things I've bought and remember things I still need to get.

Ok, so maybe that wasn't a "quick update" on life, but there ya go!