Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day Weekend!

 We had a pretty fun weekend! Hard to believe that last year, Katie wasn't even a month old.
We started out by going to the Riverton Town Days carnival on Friday. as i'm sure everyone knows, carnivals are super overpriced, so we didn't do much, but we did take Katie on the carousel a couple of times.
 She didn't really know what to think of it. Haha.
 Brad did the smart thing and stood next to the horse. I, on the other hand, climbed on up with Katie in my lap and wish I hadn't. That thing was so rickety. Definitely now meant for grown ups. Haha!

 On Saturday, we went swimming for a while (while getting sunburned! Argh!) and then went to the Riverton fireworks show at night.
The park was PACKED, but we managed to find a pretty good spot to watch. It was after 10 at night, so Katie was too tire to really care about the fireworks, but I think she enjoyed them a little bit.

 Yesterday, we drove around trying to find a decent splash park, but failed in our quest. Come on, Utah. With 8 billion kids running around, you'd think one of these towns would have a decent splash park. (I miss you, Rexburg.)
We ended up just going back home and waiting until later in the day when we went to the park and set off our own fireworks.
There were quite a few people at the park, but I think we had the best ones. Haha. Katie was kind of over Fireworks by then, so she didn't really care, but Brad sure had fun.

 I couldn't even get her to look at the sparkler! She was just so bored with the novelty of fireworks. Lol.
Overall, pretty good weekend. (Plus, we've been re-watching all the Harry Potter movies, so that's always  good thing!)
I'll leave you all with a video of the biggest firework we got. :)
Oh! And I tried to get a video of the million different fireworks everyone was setting off last night. (Sorry the camera is moving so fast. It was raining and I was trying to not get it too wet.)