Wednesday, March 16, 2011

101 in 1001

My friend Trish posted a list on her blog of 101 things she wanted to do in the next 1001 days (well, she made the list a couple years ago and posted it recently) and then invited everyone else to do the same. So here goes!

  1. Take Brad on a cruise
  2. See my sister's book published
  3. Have another baby
  4. Buy a 4-door car
  5. Sew Katie a dress
  6. See The Hunger Games movie at midnight
  7. Go on a date with the hubs every week
  8. Go to the temple every month
  9. See another Broadway show in NYC
  10. Have enough money saved up to last for 1 year
  11. Quit playing Facebook games!! (At least the Zynga ones!)
  12. Skype my family more often
  13. Go camping in Yellowstone
  14. Go camping a LOT!
  15. Drink more water
  16. Smell desert rain at least one more time
  17. See Jeni get married
  18. See Nicole get married ;) (This one is in the works!)
  19. Grow out my natural hair color
  20. Use less electricity
  21. Live someplace where I can paint the walls!
  22. Get a kitten
  23. Convince Brad to walk with me in the rain
  24. (This list is hard! I can't think of anything!) Family vacay to the California coast!
  25. Go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando
  26. Ride a train
  27. Limit fast food to twice a month
  28. Work out at LEAST two times a week
  29. Get my California tan back!
  30. Keep a plant alive for more than a month
  31. Have my very own little black dress. :)
  32. Read the scriptures every night for at least a month
  33. Go to bed before midnight for at least a week
  34. Watch every Harry Potter movie in one day!
  35. Re-Upholster something!
  36. Make cookies for a neighbor
  37. Make cookies for a stranger
  38. Make something really cool (what qualifies as really cool to be determined at a later date)
  39. Make 72 hour kits to keep in the car
  40. Visit Alaska again
  41. Write to my missionaries (Jeni and Ana) at least once a month!
  42. Successfully make a loaf of delicious bread
  43. Hold a TacOdasso party :D
  44. Blog at least once every two weeks
  45. Finish our wedding scrapbook
  46. Take a picture everyday for one month
  47. Start a  Coupon Cooking! Blog
  48. (I'm not even halfway through?!?!) Either replace the missing keys on my lappy or get a new one
  49. Go to General Conference
  50. Write a letter to the editor of something!
  51. Vote!
  52. See Mitt Romney succeed in next year's Republican primaries! (Ok. This one isn't really up to me. Haha)
  53. Re-read the Twilight Saga (for the 4th time. hehe.)
  54. Go ONE WEEK without Facebook. Ahh!
  55. Be 100% on my visiting teaching for a full year
  56. Attend Brad's 10 year HS reunion (if they have one. Crazy!)
  57. Make my mom and dad's egg rolls
  58. Find some family history names to take to the temple
  59. Attend a live session at the SLC Temple
  60. Find a new couponing buddy in Utah (I'll miss you Daryn!)
  61. Take Katie on a walk at least once a week when weather permits
  62. Lose 15 pounds :)
  63. Have the ability to swim a 500 again
  64. Keep our car crumb-free
  65. Listen to the entire Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites series again (amazing!)
  66. Fill my coin jar to the brim!
  67. Turn in my coin jar and buy a special treat for myself and for Brad
  68. Send out Christmas cards finally! And on time!
  69. Go on vacation with friends
  70. Hike a mountain. It's been far too long since I have.
  71. Go ice fishing
  72. Go regular fishing
  73. Go hunting (although I don't want to actually kill anything)
  74. Discover an amazing local restaurant
  75. Buy snow boots
  76. Bear my testimony in sacrament meeting
  77. Donate at least 4 pairs of shoes. :/
  78. Actually cross something off this list
  79. Throw an amazing party with a sit-down dinner and place cards and everything
  80. Get involved in a community event
  81. Donate to a food bank
  82. Make an apron for myself
  83. Make super yummy salt water taffy
  84. Swim in the Atlantic ocean
  85. See Niagra Falls
  86. Figure out how to hem Brad's pants
  87. Hike in Zion National Park
  88. Take a spontaneous trip. VERY spontaneous!
  89. Road trip out to the East Coast and make Brad enjoy it!
  90. Teach someone in my (future) new ward to coupon
  91. Drive to the airport and just fly somewhere! Anywhere!
  92. (101 is a LOT of things!!!!!!!!) Learn to play golf
  93. Get a part time job
  94. Remember to ALWAYS take my reusable bags to the grocery store
  95. Have a game night with friends every month for 6 months
  96. Visit my sister in Portland
  97. Cross 50 things off this list!
  98. Read the entire Book of Mormon in less than 6 months
  99. Invent another amazing family favorite recipe :)
  100. Sew a couch slipcover
  101. Never make a list this long again!!!

The end

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yes, I put the title in caps for a reason. Where the heck did February go?! I feel like that was the fastest Feb i've ever experienced.
Updates since my last post:
  • Katie is SO close to walking. She can now take four steps or stand on her own for a while. We don't even have to stand her up. She does it on her own and will let go of the couch, table, etc, on her own.
  • She now has 7 teeth. It's so cute! But not so cute when she bites me.
  • Brad is SO close to be done with school! Only one month left and then he is done forever! You know he started college back in 2002? Crazy, right?! It's even crazier that I wasn't even in high school yet. Hehe. ;)
  • I bought a case of 9 pineapples as extra with my Bountiful Basket and we are overflowing with pineapples now! Good thing though, because we love em!
  • Oh! My coupon class! So many people ask me ALL THE TIME about how I use coupons and how to get started and so I decided to just put together a little class, invite everyone, and teach em all at once! I think it went well. I'm not a great public speaker, or teacher for that matter, but I think everyone got some good information and I know at least a few people have started couponing from it! It was fun and I think I may do another one in the next month or so.
  • In sad news, Brad was laid off a few weeks ago. It was VERY sudden (his last day of work was the same day he found out) and it happened to about 80% of the other employees as well. I don't know about Brad, but I always try to stay optimistic and I constantly repeat my mantra "We pay our tithing. Everything will be ok." And it has been.
There really isn't too much else going on. Katie gets older every day and it's a little sad, but exciting at the same time. Brad is just truckin' through his last semester and I know he is so ready to be done. I just keep doing the homemaker thing, cooking, cleaning, trying to sew, babysitting, couponing, loving, and trying to maintain a social life. We have a very comfortable, very happy, and very blessed life and I am so grateful for everything. The smile on my daughters face everyday is just a constant reminder of the pure and simple joys in life that Heavenly Father has blessed us with. (Random, but I use a lot of dangling participles)

BIG changes are coming in the NEAR future, so be on the lookout!

Sorry. No pictures this time! Chack my Facebook if you are really curious.