Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1-29-13 Update

Weight: 160.2. I'm getting there! One month and 5 lbs down, one month and 5 more lbs to go. Woo!

Food: I might have lost some more weight in the last couple of weeks, but I was out of town for a few days and definitely pigged out while I was there. Oops! I'm home now, so things should be getting back on track. Back to my Zrii in the mornings and fruit and veggies to snack on! I also stopped drinking very much water for a week or two, so i'm getting back to that as well.

Exercise: With being out of town, I got off track with my work-outs also, so I'm starting it up again now. Did Yoga Meltdown last night and boy were my legs shaking. I've got a lot of house cleaning to do today, so i'll work-out again tomorrow, hopefully in the morning. Katie loves to do Yoga with me and it's so hilarious! Until she says I look like a tunnel or a slide and proceeds to climb all over me.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

1-12-13 Update

Weight- 161.3 lbs. This is the lightest I have been in. . . 4 years? Since I got married? Crazy. It's only 4 lbs less than where I was at the start of the new year, but hey! That was only 2 weeks ago and i'm down 4 lbs. Can't complain!

It's probably boring to read about what I eat for each meal, so i'll just say what i've kind of been doing. I drink my Zrii Achieve protein shakes in the mornings, sometimes accompanied by scrambled eggs or toast and fruit. I've been drinking a LOT of water, sometimes mixed with Zrii Accell. I've started mixing in some D'oterra essential oils into my water as well. Lunches are just dinner leftovers. Snacks consist of carrot sticks or celery with peanut butter. I've been cooking dinner from scratch just about every night with cut-up fruit or roasted veggies on the side. Splurging still happens, of course, because if I don't, I CRAVE fast food and things. A chocolate kiss here and there, or homemade brownies or something. Although, I used coconut oil in my brownies, so that makes them healthy, right? :)

Exercise: I just started on a new video today, Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown. My legs were definitely shaking after it was over!

6 lbs to go to meet my resolution, and i've still got 6 weeks left! This is SO doable! Of course, the next 20 lbs by the end of year will be a little more difficult to achieve, but I am just not going to think about that right now. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1-2-13 Update

Starting Weight: 165 lbs. More than yesterday. Figures. I fluctuate a lot though, so I'm thinking I'll just do weekly weigh-ins. It'll probably be much more accurate.

Breakfast: Toasted honey wheat bagel with cream cheese, some fresh pineapple and a glass of milk

Lunch: Black bean, corn, cheese, and rice quesadilla on a homemade tortilla with sour cream. Glass of milk.

Snack: 4-cheese lean pocket. (Awful, I know, but I am SO hungry today! Nolan must be going through a growth spurt.) 1 Hershey's Kiss.

Dinner: Spaghetti with parmesan garlic bread and corn. I also had some egg nog with dinner. Hello calories!

Exercise: 15 minutes of aerobics this morning. Not very much, but I've got to start small when it's been months since i've exercised (I had a baby 4 months ago and all).

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1-1-13 update

Morning weight: 164.6 lbs
  • This is less than my pre-pregnancy weight, which is AWESOME. However, jiggly baby fat remains around the middle region, which is what I want to get rid of the most!
Breakfast: None. We didn't get out of bed until after 10 today. Haha!

Lunch: Whole Wheat Bagel with one egg, a slice of sharp cheddar cheese, one slice of bacon and 2 slices of avocado. One Zrii Achieve Protein Shake.

Snack: Zrii Amalaki, Zrii Accell mixed with 16 oz water, glass of grape juice.

Dinner: Black bean, corn, and cheese quesadilla on homemade tortillas with mexican rice and pineapple with a cup of milk.

  • Nothing really today. I spent about 45 minutes cleaning, including 10 minutes of vacuuming and about 10 minutes of dancing. Haha!


New Years Day.
A day full of overly ambitious resolutions and "fresh starts" which last about a week.
I'll admit, i've been there many times before. Setting huge goals  with high hopes and then they are dead and gone within the month.
Not this year.
I am SO determined to not let that happen this year.
So without further ado, here are my New Year's Resolutions:

  • Lose 10 lbs by March 1st.
    • This goal is part of a higher one to lose 35 lbs by the end of the year, but starting with just 10 is much more reasonable and attainable.
    • I will post DAILY updates on my blog here about my progress including my starting weight in the morning, what I ate during the day, and what type of exercise I was able to do. The daily updates are NOT a resolution, so if they don't always happen, I won't feel guilty. It will just be a tool in helping aid my weight loss.
  • Limit fast food intake to once a month
    • As much as I would love to eliminate fast food altogether, it is just not a reality right now. I have got to start small if I want to accomplish bigger things.
    • I describe fast food as establishments with a drive-thru. Sit-down restaurants are still permitted, but since we can't afford sit-down restaurants very often, this doesn't really worry me. 
    • I haven't decided yet whether I want to count delivery pizza as fast food. ;)
  • Attend the temple with Brad at least once a month
    • This goal might not seem that difficult, but with two little kids and no money to pay for babysitters, it IS difficult. I will do my best to utilize the times when my parents are in town and to make friends with people in the neighborhood who will be willing to watch my children for free. 
  • Take ONE 3-credit college course through BYU Independant Study and receive an A
    • One college course probably seems like a tiny goal to many of you, but not when you are poor. With our new home/mortgage, finally having to pay for our own cell phones, higher utility bills, car payment, etc. . . there is no way we could afford for me to go back to school on Brad's income alone. A 3 credit course through BYU Independant Study costs $360 and that is just not doable for us at the moment. Because my education isn't really a priority at the moment, I will need to accomplish this on my own. I will need to find ways to earn and save my own money. I will be much more diligent at my survey sites and online communities. I will sell personal items online and possibly have another yard sale this summer. I will look for babysitting jobs in the area. I will find a way to make this happen!
    • I also MUST get an A in the class. I always had great grades in high school, and then terrible grades in college. I need to fix that. 
  • Post on my cooking blog at least once a week
    • I have a new kitchen that is large and beautiful, I will be cooking at home MUCH more with my limit on fast food- I have NO excuse why I can't post at least one recipe or cooking tip/tutorial on my blog at least once a week. I really enjoy posting on there, but my motivation has been lacking. First up this week, Easy Mexican Rice. 

Good luck to me! Once a month I will try to remember and post an update on my goals and my progress for each of them.  I wish everyone else the best of luck in accomplishing their own resolutions this year! Happy 2013!