Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Off To Work I Go!

I started nannying again at the end of August.
It's for the same family as before and although I complained a lot about it and ultimately quit, I'm sure it'll be better and easier this time around.
The job didn't pay much to start with, and this time it's $100 less, but there are some upsides and reasons I'm sure I can do it this time.
1. I'm not pregnant this time. Pregnancy took away my patience, my energy, my optimism, and my sleep. All things I desperately needed to nanny which I have now.
2. Little Kyah is now in Kindergarten! One of my biggest complaints was that the little girl didn't seem to know how to entertain herself or do anything herself. While I love Barbies, i'm not ok with playing it on the floor for hours while she tells me exactly what to say and do. Now, she's gone at 12:15 everyday and comes home with her mom after school.
3. The kids love Katie! It's awesome that I can take Katie to work with me and even more awesome that the kids sit around and smile and talk to her all day.
4. With hospital bills, a higher rent, and a need for furniture, the extra money is definitely welcome.
5. This reason is a little ridiculous, but I love having little taste-testers! I've been trying to cook more homemade and fresh things and I can't really trust Brad to tell me what he thinks about my experiments. Either he doesn't want to try whatever it is or he just says "It's good." Thanks for the help, babe. Little kids that sit there and scarf whatever it is down and say "This is SO good!" and ask for seconds or push the food away and ask for something else are much more helpful.

Anyway, the job is going well so far and even though I don't like having to get up everyday at 6, it's setting a better routine than the sleep from 1-noon everyday I had going on. Haha!

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