Saturday, October 2, 2010


Last night, I decided to let Katie have her first "real" food.
She has been SO interested in grown up food lately and wants so bad to eat whatever I am eating.
I know she is just shy of 4 months, so it's really early to start her on food, but I figured there's no harm in giving it a shot just once.
Plus, my milk supply has been REALLY low lately from not eating enough (I'm supposed to have about 2300 calories a day, but because of work i've been getting less than 1500 i'm sure) so she's been eating every hour and it's driving me crazy!
Especially since she was sleeping so good for a while, about 6-7 hours from 10-5 or 6, but now she gets me up every hour to eat!
Anyway, it was just some rice cereal but she seemed to really enjoy it!
It was super messy, which was expected, but it didn't help her sleep any better or fill her up, so i'll continue to just exclusively breastfeed for the next month or so I think.
Just gotta get more calories in during the day to up my milk!

Videos of her eating will be on Facebook soon!

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