Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yes, I put the title in caps for a reason. Where the heck did February go?! I feel like that was the fastest Feb i've ever experienced.
Updates since my last post:
  • Katie is SO close to walking. She can now take four steps or stand on her own for a while. We don't even have to stand her up. She does it on her own and will let go of the couch, table, etc, on her own.
  • She now has 7 teeth. It's so cute! But not so cute when she bites me.
  • Brad is SO close to be done with school! Only one month left and then he is done forever! You know he started college back in 2002? Crazy, right?! It's even crazier that I wasn't even in high school yet. Hehe. ;)
  • I bought a case of 9 pineapples as extra with my Bountiful Basket and we are overflowing with pineapples now! Good thing though, because we love em!
  • Oh! My coupon class! So many people ask me ALL THE TIME about how I use coupons and how to get started and so I decided to just put together a little class, invite everyone, and teach em all at once! I think it went well. I'm not a great public speaker, or teacher for that matter, but I think everyone got some good information and I know at least a few people have started couponing from it! It was fun and I think I may do another one in the next month or so.
  • In sad news, Brad was laid off a few weeks ago. It was VERY sudden (his last day of work was the same day he found out) and it happened to about 80% of the other employees as well. I don't know about Brad, but I always try to stay optimistic and I constantly repeat my mantra "We pay our tithing. Everything will be ok." And it has been.
There really isn't too much else going on. Katie gets older every day and it's a little sad, but exciting at the same time. Brad is just truckin' through his last semester and I know he is so ready to be done. I just keep doing the homemaker thing, cooking, cleaning, trying to sew, babysitting, couponing, loving, and trying to maintain a social life. We have a very comfortable, very happy, and very blessed life and I am so grateful for everything. The smile on my daughters face everyday is just a constant reminder of the pure and simple joys in life that Heavenly Father has blessed us with. (Random, but I use a lot of dangling participles)

BIG changes are coming in the NEAR future, so be on the lookout!

Sorry. No pictures this time! Chack my Facebook if you are really curious.

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