Monday, May 7, 2012

Vacation, all I ever wanted. . .

We are FINALLY getting outta here this week! YAY! Traveling is probably one of my favorite things in the world and when i'm stuck in the same place for too long, I start to go stir crazy! Sure, i've been up to Idaho a couple of times in the last few months, but that doesn't really count. ;)

Friday, Brad's youngest sister is getting married down in Manti (eeep!), and then we are staying the night at a KOA in Cedar City. I was hoping to actually pitch a tent at the campground, but Brad said no. :( Instead, we are staying in a cabin on the campgrounds. KOA's across the nation were having a buy one night get one free sale for this weekend, so I took it! We'll spend Saturday exploring Cedar City and maybe trying to meet up with Brad's dad before the wedding reception in La Verkin that evening. Then it's back up to the KOA to sleep. We'll find a church to attend on Sunday morning and then it's down to Vegas! If we're not too tired, we'll take Katie to see some of the free attractions on the strip before settling down in our hotel for the night. Then, it's up REALLY early Monday morning to drive down to Southern California! One of my best friends, Daryn, and her husband Mat, will be in the area and i'd LOVE to see them before they head back up to NorCal Monday afternoon. We'll check into Palm Canyons Resort in Palm Springs in the afternoon, where we'll be staying until Friday morning. Then, for the week, it's all the valley stuff. Living Desert, Whitewater, visiting my sister, seeing the Dinosaurs out at Cabazon, street fair on Thursday, etc. . . We'll also head to the beach on one of the days, not sure which. If any of you have any recommendations as to which beach, let me know! One that is toddler friendly, with not too many rocks, and within 2 hours of Palm Springs. Thanks! Saturday is Nicole's wedding!!!!! CRAZY! We still need to find a place to sleep on Friday night before we head out to Bermuda Dunes for the wedding on Saturday. After all is said and done, we'll be driving through the night to make it back up here before church on Sunday. I was hoping to not head back until Sunday afternoon, but apparently Brad is badly needed to sing in the church choir that Sunday. :)

Anyway, i'm sure none of you were really that interested in our travel plans. I'm just super excited. Can you tell?!
Oh, and nobody better think about robbing us while we're gone! We have some amazing friends who will be feeding our kitties for us, so you thieves are out of luck. :D

Last but not least, i'm looking for input. Best foods to bring on a road trip? Ways to keep a 2 year old entertained in the car? Great tourist stops along the way? Can we stay with you on Friday night? Haha.

I'll leave you with some pictures as a reward for reading this boring post.

That's my little cheese!
 Baby kisses!
 First they're sour. . .
Then they're sweet. . . (name that commercial!)

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Shae said...

Sour Patch Kids! Katie is such a doll! And you're a beauty!!