Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, I got back from California on Tuesday evening.
My parents drove me up, with my little sister along for the ride.
We stopped in St. George and ate at Golden Corral.
Man, that place is yummy.
Then my parents bought me temple clothes!
I've been needing to buy my own for a while now.
Better than paying 6 dollars to rent at the temple every time!
We stopped and stayed the night in Beaver.
The following day was FULL of prom dress shopping for my little sister.
Lo and behold, after going to a dozen different dress shops, Marci settled on the second one she tried on, which was a good decision.
It fit her PERFECTLY, which is pretty unusual for people in my family.
I wish I had taken a picture.
Oh well.
Anyway, we got into Rexburg on Tuesday and then went out to eat for dinner at Craigos.
My dad ended up LOVING the pasta bar part of the buffet, and he took my mom and sister to the Craigos in Idaho Falls the following day for lunch.
They left Idaho sometime on Wednesday.
It was really nice to spend some time with my family for so long though!
Especially since they replenished mine and Brad's empty kitchen cupboards.
Anyway, since then, Brad and I haven't been doing a whole lot.
Brad cleaned the whole apartment while I was gone, so we had no cleaning to do.
Also, the whole post office/package thing is over.
We never did get our package, and the post office never called us back.
I did, however, get an email from Amazon, saying that the package had been mailed back to them with a status of "undeliverable" and we will be getting a refund.
So lame.
We went to Pita Pit for lunch today, which was super yummy as always.
One thing i'm really looking forward to is Ana coming back into town for the new semester!
She should be here in a little over an hour!
It will be so nice to have such a close friend close by again.
I think i'll ask her over for dinner tonight.
Every time we talk on the phone, she always mentions how she misses my cooking, so i'm sure it would be a very welcome invite.
Life is good, as always.
I still love my husband.
I still love being married.

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