Saturday, August 29, 2009


I know it's been a couple weeks since i've blogged, but you know what? It's been a busy couple of weeks, so I feel justified. :)
I started work as a nanny over 3 weeks ago and I can't believe it's been that long!
I don't get paid super well, but both parents are teachers, so what do you expect? I don't mind though. The kids are really fun and they let me do my laundry over there, so once Brad and I move back to University Courtyard next Tuesday, we won't have to shell out 1.50 everytime we need to do a load of laundry.

Besides nannying, Brad and I have been trying to be better in the gospel I guess you could say.
We've been working on having FHE every Monday and putting into action the things we talk about.
Our first FHE, Brad read parts of an article from the conference Ensign about temple attendance, so we decided to make an effort to go to the temple at least once a week.
Our second FHE was about the effects of video games on individuals and on families, and Brad seems to be doing better about not playing games so much.
THis past Monday we read from the Sept. issue about food storage, so we decided that everytime we grocery shop, we'll pick up a little extra for food storage.
We've also been making an effort to pray together every night.
I feel as though our lives have been a lot more blessed since we've been constantly trying to do better.
For example, Brad has two job interviews!!
Well, one of them, at Taco Bell, he had yesterday and he'll hear back on Tuesday whether he'll get the job or not. The other interview is for an on-campu job and will take place next Wednesday. Woo-hoo!
I really feel that after 9 months of unemployment, the Lord is finally blessing us with work because of the efforts we've been making.
Thank you Heavenly Father!

We went down to Utah last weekend for our niece, Riley's, 3rd birthday.
On the way down I discovered that my Aunt Kathryn was also throwing a big family pool party!
So on Saturday we went out to this Pirate themed pizza place for lunch and then went to the pool party, which was pretty awesome.
I love my family and wish I could be a little closer so that I could always attend these fun get-togethers!
On Sunday there was apparently no church because a temple was being dedicated, so we played with Riley's birthday presents and ate cupcakes and things like that.
Brad's sister Maria also drove all the way up from Albuquerque to come to the party, so not only did I get to spend time with tons of people on my side of the family, but Brad's as well.
It was a really nice weekend and i'm glad we went.

I'm sure you're tired of all my writing, so here's a few pictures. The first one is just of a picnic Brad and I went on and the rest are of me as a nanny with the kids.

I didn't want to do too many dishes when we got home, so we just ate hamburger helper and chocolate pudding out of big bowls.
Me and Kyah at the park.
She dug up an earthworm in the dirt.
And this is me holding it. Worms are so cool!
Sam and I.
Going down the slide with Kyah is pretty much Sam's favorite thing to do ever.
We built this awesome fort two days in a row and then crawled inside and watched Barbie movies.
We love to make crafts. Last Monday maybe is when we made these book holders. They're already a little ripped up and stuff, but they were super cute at first. Just some cereal boxes we cut up and covered in paper.
One day we made some country time lemonade and then I thought it would be a cute idea to use the empty bottle as a crayon holder. It was pretty late in the day and we only had about 20 minutes before Kyah's parents got home, so we made this super quickly.
Yesterday we made cardboard butterflies! There's onlt 3 in the picture, but we actually made another bigger one and then wrote each member of her familie's name on them. So the big one was Bryan, then Jessica, then Kyah, then Sam.

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Tyson and Alli said...

You guys sure are busy! And back to school next week, how crazy! I hope you're both doing well! :)