Saturday, September 26, 2009

One month!

Yeah, it's been a month since i've blogged.
A few updates since my last entry:
Brad didn't get a job from either of the interviews he had.
Luckily, my employers, Bryan and Jessica, looked at their budget and said that they should be able to pay me an extra $50 a month starting in October.
If that goes through, then my ENTIRE pay for a month will be going to rent.
So... gas, insurance (health and car), and groceries...
I'm not exactly sure how these are going to get covered, but we've been paying our tithing and I've been getting some extra babysitting oppurtunities, so I have faith everything will work out.
Even if we have to move somewhere cheaper and I have to sell my plasma twice a week.
Gotta love the poor married college student phase of life.

School is going pretty good for both me and Brad.
I'm falling a little bit behind in my history class, but I've got a week off of work coming up, so hopefully I can catch up a bit.
Brad is taking a fitness class and ran 1.5 miles on Monday.
Needless to say, he was super sore for the next few days.
Poor guy.

Speaking of my week off work... :)
Schools have a few days off in Oct every year for the Potato Harvest.
So, since Bryan and Jessica are both teachers, they've got those few days off too.
I decided to take that time to fly out to CA since my oldest sister is having her baby soon (due on the 5th).
Jessica's sister is flying out to stay with them for the week so that I can have even more days off than just harvest.
It's pretty sweet, so i'll be in Sunnyvale from 1st-8th.
I'm super excited to spend some time with not only Jordyn and Avery, but my brand new nice (who has yet to be named) as well!
The only downside is that Brad won't be coming with me since he still has school. :(
Hopefully he keeps the apartment clean. Lol.

Sorry there aren't any pictures in this post.
I guess I just haven't been taking many pictures lately.
I'll try to photographically document our life better, ok?

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