Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Little Odasso

I had my first prenatal appointment today.
Brad came along with me and we were able to see our little swimmer!
Because i'm already 11 weeks, an... invasive... ultrasound wasn't necessary, so they just squirted some gel on my belly and we looked away!
The little fetus seems to move around quite a bit and her/his little fingers are so cute!
Everything is looking good and healthy, so that alleviated a lot of my stress I think.
I'm such a hypochondriac you know.
Anyway, they didn't do an exam (draw blood, pap smear, all that jazz), so that will be in 4 weeks.
Here's a picture!
You can see it's fingers and big ole head!
I've got a video of it too, but i'm not sure how to upload it, so that might come in a later blog.
The due date is June 9th, so mark you calendars!
I was thinking that maybe we could have the blessing around the 4th of July, so that way people will have time off work if they want to come!

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Tyson and Alli said...

How exciting! I know how you feel about that first appointment alleviating some stress. It feels good to hear the heart beat and know everything is ok. By the second appointment I was emotional and hormonal so I cried ha ha. I wanted to know that the baby was ok so they took me in for another ultrasound. Which turned out great. I can't wait for my next appointment!