Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother MAY I?

May is here already?
Guess what?
That means I am having a baby NEXT MONTH.
Cynthia and Stephanie have been planning a baby shower for me, and i've been able to help out.
It's been fun and we made and delivered the invitations the last few days.
Mother's Day was yesterday and was my first Mother's day as a mother!
(I think of myself as a mother already because only a mother could handle this pregnancy.)
I was so proud of myself because I was actually able to make it through all of church!
Sure, I was gone in the bathroom for half of the 3 hour block, but still!
Sadly, I left during sacrament meeting to throw up and pick something up from home that I forgot and I ended up missing the boys singing a song for Mother's Day!
Sorry I missed your singing Brad!
He does have the best voice. :)
After church, Brad gave me an apron!
Seriously, I have been wanting to get one for the longest time and just never did.
He also got me some skittles, which are already about gone.
Thanks hubby!
Sunday night I made some BBQ drumsticks and invited Paul over to eat with us.
We had to wait a while because the darn chicken took twice as long to cook as the recipe said, so we just hung out and then watched Minute to Win It!
That show is awesome; everyone should watch it!
Mother's Day also marked exactly one month until my due date.
Crazy that it's coming up so fast.
I would really like if our little one came a few days early, but a tiny part of me really doesn't.
You see... Apparently there is a ward camp-out June 4th-5th and I would REALLY like to go.
And since Brad says there is no way we're taking a newborn on a camp-out (what a party pooper), i'll just have to hope that she won't have come yet.
Brad's been job searching and has an interview Thursday.
Unfortunately it's for an unpaid internship, but if he could get his internship out of the way this summer then that means we could actually be out of Rexburg by next summer.
My belly is still getting bigger and bigger and I'm scared my belly button is going to pop out!
I've stayed an innie this whole time, so maybe I can make it another month. Haha.
My doctor told me to take Zantac everyday, because i've been so sick and heartburn-y, and it seems to be helping, but only sometimes.
Speaking of doctors, I'm down to seeing them every week now.
It's kind of annoying and tedious, but oh well.
My Group B Strep test is this Friday and maybe he'll check me out and say i'm dialated and ready to go!
Wouldn't that be awesome?
Alright, i'm starting to ramble.
I'll try and blog some recent pictures later this week as well as how my test went.


Stephanie and Hans Petrich said...

HAHA! I didn't mean to cut you out of the dairy queen picture... oops! sometimes when I post it cuts off part of the picture because i made it too big.... haha sorry!

Laura said...

When my belly button pops out is when I know I've dropped and am ready to deliver. Ben called it my belly done button