Sunday, April 25, 2010

Family Shower

Saturday was a fun day!
My Aunt Kathryn decided to throw me a baby shower at her house in Alpine and invite all the cousins and other family I have down there.
Brad and I showed up (Brad came because we were leaving straight for Rexburg after the shower) and suddenly my mom and little sister are there!
They drove up the day before to surprise me. :)
Funny enough, I had been texting Marci, my little sister, the day before and telling her that she should tell mom to drive up for the shower, and then I had called my mom and talked to her about it and she said no because they had to drive up there so many times in the next few months and whatnot.
What liars!
Apparently, they were both in the car driving up to Utah as I was talking to them!
My cousin's wife Julia came with her 3 daughters, as well as my aunt Margaret and cousin Lara.
The shower was kind of late notice, so not all of my extended family was able to come, but it was nice to see those that were able to make it!
We started off by eating all the yummy food Kathryn had set out and then moved to the living room for baby shower games.
First, we each had a list of animals and had to write down what the babies are called.
Do you know what a baby raccoon or reindeer is called?
Some of them were pretty hard!
We also played the game where you guess which candy is melted into diapers.
That one made me a little hungry. Hehe.
Then I left the room to "go to the bathroom" (even though I really did use the bathroom) and everyone had to remember things about me like what kind of shoes I was wearing and whether or not I had mascara on.
Next, everyone, besides me, had to cut a length of string that they thought was the measurement around my belly.
One of my young little second cousins was the winner and everyone said it was because she had a smaller arm span since all the adults cut their strings way too long!
Next we split into two teams and played Family Feud, where we had topics like "What do new parents wish for the most" or "Diaper brands" and things like that.
Somehow, my team ended up winning even though we only had one mommy on our team and the other team had 3!
The last game, we all got blank "Babyo" (Bingo) cards and wrote guesses for what were in all the presents, then crossed them off as I opened the presents to try and get bingo.
The winners of each game got prizes like chocolate and candles and other things my mom bought.
All the gifts I received were awesome and I've got to write some thank-you cards tomorrow.
Marci totally spoiled her new niece and gave her a TON of presents.
After all the gifts were opened, everyone mingled for a bit and slowly left.
My parents and sister had to leave right away because they had to be home on Sunday and Brad and I left right after them so that we could get back up to Idaho.
It was a ton of fun and i'm so grateful to everyone who helped out and who came.

The super cute diaper cake my mom made.
Some of the food, after we'd already eaten a lot of it. Lol.
Julia and her daughters, smelling the "dirty diapers."
Mmm. Twix! Lol.
A couple of em.
Playin games.
Kathryn and Rachel, collaberating over some game.
Margaret and Lara.
Playing Babyo.
Baby Shower!
Opening gifts. And oh yeah!! Turns out my dad came up too! He came up behind me and tapped on my head while I was opening presents. Lol.
He got this little toy firetruck with a little girl fire fighter (My dad was a fireman, now a fire marshall.)
Soft little slippers.
Once we got home to Rexburg, I laid out all the gifts to take pictures.

Thanks to everyone!

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Alissa said...

The dirty diaper game made you hungry? just hearing about it made me very unhungry, and seeing the pictures made me a little sick hahaha.
And I read "He got this little toy firetruck with a little girl fire fighter" wrong. I thought it said "with a little girl on fire" lol. man, what kind of toys are they making these days ;P
Glad you had fun!