Monday, June 14, 2010

Can't Get Enough of You Baby.

Life has been pretty awesome since we came home on Saturday.
Katie is such a wonderful baby.
We can't get enough of her!
The first night was a little tough because she was really hungry, but couldn't seem to stay awake long enough to eat.
So basically, she'd whine, i'd feed her for a minute, she'd fall asleep, i'd nudge her awake, she'd eat for one more minute, then fall asleep, so i'd put her in her bassinet, and then 5 minutes later we'd do it all over again.
On top of that, the first few days of nursing seems to be really painful so i'm sure my squeals of pain and my whole body tensing up really wasn't helping the feeding situation.
Finally, the pain and everything just got to me and I broke down crying.
I felt so awful that I wasn't able to feed my own baby!
We'd been nursing just fine during the day but the pain was just finally getting to me.
I felt like such a failure because this wasn't the first time I couldn't handle the pain (my epidural.)
Brad decided to make up some formula for her and he fed her while I just cried.
After that, Brad ended up staying up for quite a while just holding her while I tried to sleep for a while.
In the end, neither of us got much sleep and ended up not being able to go to church, but things have been much smoother since.
Nursing is still a killer, but i've been pumping occasionally, which hurts a lot less, so that I can still feed her when i'm too sore to do it the regular way.
It's been especially helpful since my milk came in yesterday afternoon and I am SUPER swollen.
Enough about breastfeeding.
Katie makes the cutest faces and sounds, it's so fun to watch.
She sleeps really well, although she pretty much refuses to sleep alone.
We can lay her in the bassinet, but she'll only sleep there for a few minutes before she starts squirming a ton and making sad noises.
She much prefers to sleep being held or just being close to us, so we've been co-sleeping a bit.
I don't really mind because I love having her so close to me!
She's just so warm and cuddly. :)
Brad absolutely loves her which makes me love him even more.
How sweet is this?
That's her favorite way to sleep and if I lay her on my chest she immediately tucks up her legs and falls asleep.
It's so cute.
Just thinking about it makes me smile.
She is just the sweetest little girl.


Andrew and Shae said...

I hope things go better for you with the breastfeeding. I have no idea what breastfeeding feels like, but I remember when my aunt had her first and she breastfed, she cried a lot because it hurt. And she's a pretty tough woman! Katie is so cute and chunky though, so I bet she's worth it. And it's so cute that Brad loves her so much!

Tyson and Alli said...

What a sweet baby! I had problems with nursing as well. I actually was only able to nurse Brycen once. He had a hard time eating when he was born so I spent most of my time pumping. I pumped every three hours for a month before I'd had enough. Sometimes it's just not meant to be! So if it doesn't work for you, no worries. :)