Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things I've Learned from Being Pregnant

First and foremost:
Husbands are the
He rubs my back, rubs my feet, paints my toenails, holds me up while I try to put my pants on, fills up the bathtub for me, makes me breakfast in bed, picks things up off the floor, helps me get off the couch, holds my hair back when I throw up, and kisses and touches my belly lovingly all the time. :)

As soon as people notice my belly, the conversation will only be about pregnancy/the baby. I'm so appreciative of the people who talk to me about normal, everyday things!

I will never ask another pregnant woman "How are you feeling?" I've heard this question more times than I even want to imagine. The thought is nice, but no matter how I answer, no one is satisfied! If I say "I'm feeling great today!" they'll be surprised and ask if it's true and why aren't the other days great, and etc... If I say i'm "ok" or "alright" or "just fine" then they'll try and delve deeper into why i'm not feeling on top of the world. Here's a hint, if i'm laughing and smiling and walking normal, I'm having a good day. If I look tired, am holding my belly and waddling, and am not wearing any makeup, i'm probably not feeling so great.

There are some foods I will never look at the same again. Once you've seen how it looks after being digested for a bit, you never forget.

Apparently, intense physical pain is just another part of life.

It is very important to keep a good supply of toilet paper in the house, along with snack foods and antacids.

My face is going to look fat in every picture taken during the last trimester, no matter the angle or lighting. It's unavoidable. And because everyone wants to take pictures of me and my belly, i've learned to just grin and bear it, despite the fact that I will not be pleased with how my face looks.

Taking time for myself is IMPORTANT. Sitting in a bubble bath with an ice cold Shirley Temple and listening to Maria Mena has been one pastime that has been an absolute lifesaver when this whole pregnancy thing leaves me feeling tired, achy, and overwhelmed. Taking 10 minutes to actually do my makeup and wearing heels to church boost my confidence like nothing else.

I love pillows.

Feeling my baby move inside me in response to Brad's voice is the most wonderful feeling in the world. She's not even here yet, but she still knows him and recognizes him. How amazing is that?! It just makes me feel like we're all so much more of a family.

I'm sure there are plenty more things I could list, but there's ten for ya.
I've only got about a week left of being pregnant, hopefully, and while I can't say that i'll miss it, I will say that there have been some good times, some wonderful feelings, and life lessons learned.
All in all, i'm excited for our next baby, but will definitely give myself a nice big break before I have to be pregnant again.

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