Monday, July 19, 2010

Life is a Highway

So we can't seem to stay off of the road!
Brad went to down to work in his work's main office in Lehi, so Katie and I came along for the ride.
We listened to "Catching Fire" in the car (awesome!) and got down to Utah on Wednesday morning. Brad worked Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so I didn't have a lot to do while he was gone besides let Jenna and the girls bond with Katie. Haha.
As usual, we played some games and I just hung around the house.
Friday, I dropped Brad off at work so that I could have the car for the day to do some shopping!
I've been in desperate need of clothes so I went to a few stores and got some shirts, a dress, and a couple cute shrug things.
I also ended up getting the new Stephanie Meyer book, this cute drying rack for bottles that looks like grass, some dessert bowls, a pink ice cream scoop, pink tongs and some nursing pads.
Yeah, I went a little crazy, but at least most everything was on sale.
We joined Brad for lunch at the office and then went back to Jenna's, where I packed up the car, picked up Brad at 4:30, and we all headed home to Rexburg.
Pictures of Katie and the girls are on Jenna's blog.

Saturday, it was really nice in Rexburg so Brad and I took Katie for a walk at nature park.

She slept the entire time. Haha.
Cute little ducklings. We brought some bread to feed them.
This isn't a great picture, but I thought it was so funny how Katie is peeking!
Later, we were waiting for the ward activity to start (we had brownies and ice cream and watched Hercules in the church gym) and Brad laid Katie on my back. So funny!
She got this cute little romper from Grandpa Odasso. It's got a fishy on the bottom.
I think she looks SO much like Brad in this picture, which is the first time i've ever seen either of us in her.
Sunday, we went to church and Katie did awesome.
She's such a great baby.
After church, she was SO happy and smiley, so I took some pictures and video, which you can find on my Facebook.
She just has the best disposition and everyone always guesses that she's at least 3 or 4 months old because she's just so smiley and alert.
She'll actually sit there and interact with you, smiling back and almost laughing, but not quite.
This week should be a fun one.
I'm making Enchiladas tomorrow to have dinner with Jon and Cynthia.
Wednesday, there is a BBQ in the courtyard here and also temple sealings for our ward.
I also plan on working out everyday and so far it's going well!
It's only been one day, but I know I can keep it up!
I really am in the worst shape of my life thus far and I am determined to change that. Getting winded going up a flight of stairs is NOT ok. Sometimes I miss high school for this reason because I was constantly having to walk around, go up and down stairs, exercise for color guard, dance for musical rehearsals, walk home or to the bus stop or work or whatever.
Pregnancy made me so lazy and I really just want to feel better about myself, so wish me luck!

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