Monday, July 26, 2010

These Are a Few of Her Favorite Things

Katie is over 6 weeks old!
Oh my goodness!
She's getting big so fast.
I thought I would take a few minutes to list some of her favorite things.

- Sneezing. She always make the cutest little noise after she sneezes, and will often smile as well.

-Eating, but what baby doesn't love eating?

-Sitting in this position. No matter how we position her in the bouncer, even if we strap her in, she always wiggles her way to sit like this.

- Naps with daddy.

-Cuddling with mommy.

-Sitting in her bumbo! But only for a short time because she does prefer to be held while sitting up.

- Standing! She loves when we hold her and she gets to stand up! She'll kick and kick until we let her stand, it's so funny.

- Bath time! Especially when I fill up the tub and sit in there with her, letting her swim around and kick her legs. I need to get some pictures of her after her bath because she is just SO happy and so cute in her towel.

-The Baby Bjorn carrier. She loves to be in there and just look around. I usually only wear it when I go to do laundry or get the mail, but sometimes I'll stick her in it and we dance in the living room.

- Smiling. We have yet to capture a really good picture, which is unfortunate because she has the BEST smile. Sometimes we'll spend 5-10 minutes just smiling back and forth at each other. Now i'm just waiting for her to laugh.

These are just a few of her more favorite things, but there are lots more. She's such a happy baby with so much personality. I hardly get anything done during the day because I just have so much fun hanging out with her!

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