Saturday, December 18, 2010

Recently. . .

I'm just going to give some short little updates on life and then post some pictures, which is what you're all here for anyway! Lol.

  • Katie started crawling! Well, she started army crawling about a month and a half ago (at only 4 1/2 months old!) but now she's really doing it up on her hands and knees.
  • Katie is also pulling herself up to stand. It's been pretty crazy around our place because now she can really get into everything. She pulls up in her crib, on the couch, the entertainment center, in the bathtub, wherever she can! She absolutely loves to stand and I have no doubt she'll be walking within the next 2-3 months.
  • Brad finished this semester! Grades aren't out yet, but i'm sure he did great. These next two weeks will probably be like heaven for him, especially after having pneumonia the week before finals!!
  • I quit my job! Yay! I know quitting a job doesn't seem like something I should be celebrating in this economy, in this stage of our lives, but it really is a good thing. Trust me. When you're stuck at a place where they take complete advantage of you and pay you almost nothing and try and make you feel bad about it, it's not somewhere you should stay, let alone take your baby there!
Ok, on with the pictures!

Katie just loves to play Xbox. :D
My little "green" baby is really her mama's daughter. She rolled this empty soda bottle allt he way from the living room to over by the recycling bins in the kitchen. Teach em young!
She then proceeded to crawl into the kitchen and not let me wash dishes.
She loves to play with all the cords. We really need some kind of door to hide them or something.
Just Facebookin'
When I took Brad to the doctor's for his pneumonia, I snagged a Dum-Dum for Katie. She seemesd to really enjoy it. Her first lollipop!
Trying to bite it. Haha!
Katie LOVES bathtime! She especially likes to feel the water coming out from the spout and getting on her tummy and "swimming."
HAHAHA! Aunt Marci snapped this picture.
Katie and Santa Claus, a.k.a. Brother Blakely, at the ward Christmas party.
She is such a little troublemaker!
Katie just loves her daddy!!!
What am I going to do with this girl? 6 months old and she pulls herself to stand on everything! We should probably start some babyproofing.
Here is Katie's Christmas present from mommy and daddy! (mostly mommy). It's this awesome chair that she can sit in, it has straps, or she can stand in, there are leg holes! There's a tray there that velcros on to put toys or snacks in, a cupholder, and even a little sunshade thing (not pictured). The best part is, she can use it until she's 75 pounds! Hello camping and trips to the beach! Or eating cheerios in front of the tv for now.
She's standing here if you can see. Oh, and a big thanks to my friend Daryn who picked the chair up for me from the BabySteals warehouse in Utah! 11 dollars in shipping was a little too pricey for me.
Thanks mom and dad for Brad's Christmas present! We all love it already!
Our Christmas tree! Whoever said that a Christmas Tree had to be a pine tree? Hmm? :)
Presents from Grandma and Grandpa Evenson who were up here a few days ago to pick up Marci from school.
Brad and I made a gingerbread house a few days ago with a kit from Bountiful Baskets. See my little snowman? I was pretty proud of it. Lol!
A few days later, we let Katie help us demolish, and eat, it.
This is what I call "Sugar Drunk."
Can I really play with this momma?
No! Don't take it away! Can I keep this part? Please?
We let Katie open her presents a little early because we'll be in Pennsylvania for Christmas (yay!)
There were a lot of pictures with her opening/staring at/trying to eat the presents, but I just chose the couple where you can actually kind of see her face.
Look at those pudgy cheeks!
Katie and Daddy passed out on the floor the other day. To the other mommies out there: Don't you just love your husband even more when you see things like this?!

That's it for now! We'll be in Brad's hometown in PA from the 21st-28th, so hopefully i'll update when we get back. It should be a great trip and I know a certain grandma who is so excited to see the little one. She's excited too, Grandma Odasso!

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Alli said...

I can't believe she's crawling! It seems like these babies of ours were just born. I guess they kind of were ha ha. But they will be one before we know it! Crazy!