Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Blogging!!!!!!!!

Miss me?
Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this thing.
Our little Katie is just keeping me so busy, because she is so busy!
Things Katie currently loves:
  • Getting into EVERYTHING
  • Anything that she isn't supposed to get into (i.e. the internet router, video game boxes, Xbox controllers)
  • The dishwasher. She squeals in delight when she sees or hears me open it.
  • Refried beans (picture to follow)
  • The keyboard and her little play keyboard
  • Pulling our big lamp down
  • Putting bath toys in the toilet
  • Bath toys in general
  • Lemons
  • Climbing in the refrigerator the second I open it
  • The bathroom. She would play in there all day if I let her
  • Very short naps
  • Climbing! She climbs on top of whatever is short enough for her to get on top of.
So, what's happened since I last blogged? Hmm?
We went to Pennsylvania for Christmas and it was SO GREAT for Katie to spend some time with her Grandma Odasso!
She also LOVED the kitties!
I took Katie and flew out to Cali in January to babysit my sister's 3 girls for a week.
It was pretty crazy but so great to spend time with my little nieces!
My sister also has two cats, so of course Katie loved being out there.
Umm...... Oh! Katie has 5 teeth!
She's had two on the bottom for a while but about 3 weeks ago, she got 3 more on the top. I'm not sure where the fourth one on the top is, but I guess it'll come out eventually.
Ok, the real reason I decided to finally blog:
Katie took two steps today!
We've been making her stand on her own and practice balance for a while now, but today when I set her on her feet, she stood there for a full minute on her own, then took two steps towards me and then fell into my lap!
It was awesome!
I tried to get her to do it again, but she just sits back down and crawls instead.
Oh well. I'm sure she'll be full on walking soon enough.
And truth be told, she can take as long as she likes to walk. She gets into everything enough as it is. Haha.

Picture time!
Most of these are on Facebook, but oh well.

For Christmas, I got Katie this set of kitchen utensils. Isn't it so cute? I laid it out next to mine to show how great they match! She also has a pink spatula, ladle, and mixing spoon, but I don't have those (yet, wink wink to the hubby) so I didn't show em.
See what I said about refried beans? Haha!

The happiest baby around!
See how she climbs? She does this on everything!
Oh yeah, she also loves chocolate. I tell you, she finds every little thing on the floor that I miss, like this Dove chocolate that she devoured while I was in the bathroom.
Katie and her cousin Peyton when I was in Cali.
Isn't she sweet?
Best $5 I ever spent at the DI!
Like mommy, like baby. Anyone out there remember all my old mirror Myspace pics?
I threw a baby shower for my awesome friend Tara a few Saturdays ago. It was pretty stressful, but I think it came out cute in the end! Thank you to Daryn for all your help and to Brad for being patient with me while I obsessed over this for days!
Snowman cake pops
I displayed some of the cake pops in these glass bottles
Just little Hershey bars
Peppermint Fudge cupcakes with royal icing snowflakes that were SUCH a pain to make!
Chocolate/sprinkle dipped marshmallows
Oreo truffles that came out a little messy looking

More big news: I chopped off a BUNCH of my hair last week, but I have yet to get a really good picture, so that will have to wait. There are a couple blurry pics on Facebook if you want to see.
The end!

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