Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Experimentation in Home Decoration

Every once in a while on my blog I am going to post different "home" projects i've been working on and it's going to be called "Experimentation in Home Decoration." Ok? So here's my first one. Don't make fun! I'm new at this stuff and on a tight budget! (I also have little creative ability, despite what I lead people to believe. Lol.)

Rickety old shelf that I think I got from a yard sale= $5
Pretty contact paper from Target= $6



What do you think?
Should I cover the sides on the insides as well?
Have any advice for the little bubbles on the side where the screws are underneath?


Katrina said...

I think it's way cute. Leave the insides like that. The 'screw things' on the sides should pop off, that's usually just screw covers. Them you could fill the screw top with a simple putty and smooth, then put the contact paper on.

Andrew and Shae said...

I really like the contact paper you put on the bookshelf. It adds a nice flair. Girl, you are very creative!

Alissa said...

Cute! I think it would look better if you put paper on the inside, or paint it white.

I also like Katrina's suggestion.

PinedaPlace said...

I agree with Alissa...the paper is so cute I would probably finish the insides with it to, but thats just me. We are moving to an unfurnished place, so we just got some furniture to! Fun!