Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well, we've been pretty busy lately. Apart from Christmas and New Years, our little family has been making more of an effort to get out and about. I figure, as long as i'm going to be stuck in this dang state for at least a few years, I might as well try and enjoy some of it. At the end of November, we all ventured up to the Hogle Zoo. It was free admission day, so Brad took the day off work and we had a ton of fun looking at all the animals. Of course, it's got nothing on San Diego (sigh), but it'll do. It was a lot bigger than Tautphus Zoo in Idaho Falls though, so that was a plus.
We also went to Chuck E. Cheese a few weeks ago, although I doubt we'll be back anytime soon. It was definitely a lot of fun, but lack of hand washing between playing games and eating pizza, Brad and Katie ended up with the flu. Momma, as usual, stayed perfectly healthy, to take care of my poor sick honeys.
We also went down to Thanksgiving Point to look at the lights, but in all honesty, the 40 minute wait to get in was not really worth it.
Sorry there are no pictures from those things. I've been SO lame at remembering the camera lately.

We also went over to Planet Play recently. We've been there before but Katie was too little to really do anything last time, so it was definitely more fun this time around. Planet Play is basically a huge pizza, pasta, and salad buffet (a la PizzaPieCafe) that has a separate area with games and attractions, like go-carts, laser tag and mini golf. No matter where we go, Katie LOVES Merry-Go-Rounds.
 She also loved these little car rides they had.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a membership for the Children's Discovery Museum up in Salt Lake. They were having a deal for $12 off a membership, so I jumped on it! We went for the first time on MLK day and although it was fairly busy, and smaller than we thought, it was still a LOT of fun. They have a whole section with plastic balls that you put in these tubes that fly all over the room. Another section is an entire mini grocery store, and house, and farm. So cute. The water play area was definitely a favorite of Katie's as well. I DID bring my camera, but locked it up in our locker without thinking and never got it out. Poop.

Apart from that, we've been mostly bundled up inside from the cold. We did take a walk to McDonald's a couple weeks ago for dinner. The extra exercise counteracts the fast food, right? ;)
I also take any opportunity of rain to get outside! Oh, how I LOVE rain. Desert rain is for sure the best, but i'll take this freezing cold stuff with no wonderful creosote smell anyway. Katie just LOVES to play in the rain. Of course puddles are her favorite.
 Literally right after I snapped this picture, she tilted her head back and opened her mouth to drink some rain. It was so cute! Of course, right when I was going to get a picture of it, she stopped. Figures.

In other news, our little family of 3 is now a family of 3 1/4. Lol. After 8 long months of negative tests and miscarriages, we finally managed to snag a keeper! Hopefully, anyway. I have high hopes though. This little guy (or girl) has been hitting me HARD with the pregnancy symptoms and I just feel so at peace about everything. The due date is about August 29th, and i'm shooting for a waterbirth at home! Woo! I've still got to set up an initial appointment with a midwife (i'm hoping for BetterBirth midwives) but i'm really excited about this. I have nothing against hospital births for those who want them, but I read something a while ago that just made so much sense. We don't LIVE in a hospital JUST IN CASE anything happens, so why should we BIRTH in a hospital JUST IN CASE? Of course, it's amazing to have that available to us, but i'll save myself the unnecessary procedures and meds and thousands of dollars, and have my baby the way it was meant to happen. :)


Stephanie and Hans Petrich said...

Kim I'm so happy for you guys! I might be biased, but I love Midwives! since working with them, I have come to grow sad about how uneducated women are about their bodies and how natural birth can be! I don't really have much against home Births any more, although myself I would rather deliver in a hospital :) Giving birth is like a wedding, everyone should be able to do it the way they want! I hope that your symptoms get better, being sick is the worst!

Alex said...

Love it! Im glad your loving motherhood:> Your awesome!

Alex said...
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