Sunday, October 4, 2009

California, I'm coming home

So, I flew out to my sister Laura's place in NorCal this past Thursday.
I had some time off from work for harvest and Laura was due to have a baby on the 5th, so I decided to come out for a week.
I was flying out from SLC thursday afternoon, so I made from the 4 hour drive from Rexburg around 5 in the morning.
Around 7 Idaho time, my dad sent me a text message telling me that my new niece was born.
I was pretty bummed that I missed the birth by only 6 hours, but still excited for brand new baby girl Peyton Fay!
My mom picked me up from the airport in San Jose, with my 5 year old niece Jordyn in tow, and we went straight to the hospital.
Peyton is such a cute newborn!
You know how most newborns just look kinda gross? Lol.
Anyway, since Thursday we've just been hanging out and having fun.
I went to Ikea with my mom (who's been up here since Tuesday), my brother-in-law Ben took me to Chipotle, we brought Laura and Peyton home from the hospital, we went to Gilroy Gardens (a theme park in Gilroy), and last night we went to Red Robin (apparently it's their tradition when a new baby arrives.)
It's been a fun past few days, but it only makes me miss California and my family more and more.
Brad, can we PLEASE live in California after you graduate?!?!
The only real downside is that Brad wasn't able to come with me.
He still has school, so he couldn't really just miss a week of classes.
I miss him tons, but only 4 more days until I see my lover again!

I stole the first three photos from Ben.

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