Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1-29-13 Update

Weight: 160.2. I'm getting there! One month and 5 lbs down, one month and 5 more lbs to go. Woo!

Food: I might have lost some more weight in the last couple of weeks, but I was out of town for a few days and definitely pigged out while I was there. Oops! I'm home now, so things should be getting back on track. Back to my Zrii in the mornings and fruit and veggies to snack on! I also stopped drinking very much water for a week or two, so i'm getting back to that as well.

Exercise: With being out of town, I got off track with my work-outs also, so I'm starting it up again now. Did Yoga Meltdown last night and boy were my legs shaking. I've got a lot of house cleaning to do today, so i'll work-out again tomorrow, hopefully in the morning. Katie loves to do Yoga with me and it's so hilarious! Until she says I look like a tunnel or a slide and proceeds to climb all over me.

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