Saturday, March 2, 2013

A little update on yesterday's post. . .

Just wanted to document this. I posted yesterday that I had somewhat failed at my resolution to lose 10 lbs by March 1st.

While it's now March 2nd, I just wanted to report that my weigh-in this morning flashed the number 154.6 in my face. That's more than 10 lbs!

I count that as a success.

I also went jean shopping this morning because pretty much all of of my pants are falling off of me. Found one pair at Ross that was only $15, almost too short for me, but I haven't seen a size 10 in jeans on my body since, quite literally, middle school. Take that! 6 years and 2 babies later, i'm smaller than I was in High School. Yeeeeeeaaaaah!

I do want to eventually lose another 20 lbs by the conclusion of the year, and 10 of those pounds by my birthday in September, but right now I've decided to start focusing on tone. I may be be smaller than I have been in years, but i'm much more jiggly. Thank you pregnancy.

Anyone have any advice on getting more toned? More muscle definition? I've been losing weight mostly just through diet change, but now I want my skin to to tighten up and lose some flab. Any help is appreciated.

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