Friday, March 1, 2013

Resolution Update: February

Time for my monthly goal update! On January 1st, I set 5 New Years Resolutions for myself. At the end of the second month, let's see how i'm doing!

  • Lose 10 lbs by March 1st
    • I failed this one. After some serious slip-ups in February, and then working really hard to re-lose the few pounds I had gained back, I ended the month at 156.4. I started at 165/164, so an 8-9 pound loss is still really great! People have noticed, and that's always a plus. Now that this first resolution is over, I can focus on my new resolution- Losing another 10 lbs by my birthday. My birthday isn't until September and I know that gives me 6 months to lose just a measly 10 lbs, but even when I was at my fittest in High School, 155 was always my plateau. It was SO difficult to get any lower than that and I know it's going to be very difficult to get rid of the next 10 lbs, even given 6 whole months. Hopefully with the warmer weather coming and summertime, it will aid in my progress. Gardening for hours out in the sun, long walks around the neighborhood, swimming in the pool I WILL be buying this summer. . .
  • Limit fast food intake to once a month
    • This was sort of fail for this month. I was doing awesome for the most part. Brad and I had Del Taco a couple of weeks ago and that was all. We did have delivery pizza twice (free codes from Papa Johns), but I decided to not let those count against my fast food limit. However, yesterday, the very last day of the month, my family was coming down to visit and my mom called and asked if I wanted anything from In-N-Out .Without even thinking about it, I said yes and ate the burger they brought to my house for me.  It wasn't until late last night that I realized I had eaten fast food! Argh! Brad was half-joking that I shouldn't be allowed to eat fast food for the month of March, and I think I agree with him. We'll hopefully be going out to eat for Brad's birthday in 2 1/2 weeks anyway, so I think I can make it without Panda Express like I had been planning. Oh well.
  • Attend the temple with Brad at least once a month
    • Success! Because my parents and sister and brother-in-law were down, Brad and I finally made it to the temple on the last day of the month! It was the last session of the day, and it was in Spanish so we had to hear the English through headphones, but we made it and that is what matters. I truly believe that our marriage is strengthened through temple attendance.
  • Take ONE 3-credit college course through BYU Independant Study and receive an A
    • I feel great about this one, because I've earned about $150 so far to put towards taking a class! I have about $55 from Survey sites that I can cash out, $20 in my Paypal from my online mom community and another survey site, $20 from a Valentines gift, $25 from doing some cleaning at my sister-in-law's house earlier this week, and $30 from selling a microwave we've had for about 4 years that we've never opened.  I'm going to keep going strong with my surveys, hopefully sell a few more things, and do some more house cleaning each week. About half of the house cleaning money will be going towards an above-ground pool for our backyard, though.
  • Post on my cooking blog at least once a week
    • FAIL! I only posted once in February. Oops! Things just got a little busy and dinner kept falling back on easy things from our food stock, like hamburger/tuna helper, and basic pasta. I kept thinking that there were things I could post about, things I actually made, but my camera battery was dead for a while and I kept forgetting to plug it in. Excuses, excuses. . . I know. My ambitious plan for March though is to finish my freezer series, post about my newly discovered bread recipe, post about my new go-to rolls recipe, the pasta sauce i've been making at least once a week, and maybe a post on homemade granola. We'll just have to wait and see what actually happens though. :)
Good luck to me! March has 3 more days then February does, so it should be easier, right?


Retired, traveling and other things said...

In-N-Out doesn't count as fast food for two reasons, first it wasn't fast by any means and second had it been fact I would have called it good food fast. If you made the same burger at home, fresh ground beef, tomato, lettuce and pickle on a good bun would that be fast food.

A.S.K. said...

I love how you have your goals on here! I've been trying to limit our fast food intake, too. Sometimes it's hard because it's fast and cheap AND it means no cooking for me! (Maybe I will do a fast food free March)