Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Liar Liar? Lol.

So, I told Brad that I was going to sleep right now, when in reality i'm going to blog as a surprise!
Why is it a surprise you ask?
Because this entire post is dedicated to him!
It is going to be one giant list of reasons why I love him!
So if you're not cool with the mushy gushy stuff, you might want to avoid this particular blogging experience.
Or you can read on and see for yourself just how amazing Brad is!

  • First and foremost is his spirit. He has such faith and belief in not just religious things like Heavenly Father and the gospel, but in everything. His spirit shines through in everything he does.
  • He's so freaking caring! I've never been one to let other people take care of me. Most of my life I was rather independent, believe it or not. But Brad cares so much for me and my well-being and everything, and I don't mind!
  • His eyes. I always knew I would fall for a guy with blue eyes. "Cause Blue Eyes, you're all that I neeeeeed!" Lol.
  • The way one little section of his hair stands straight up after he's slept on it or after I run my fingers through it too much. Not only does it show the more real, less polished "Brad," it's just cute.
  • His voice. How he sings all the time. How he sings to me. How he sings loudly in the car. How he sings all the different parts in the hymns.
  • His talent at easy-to-make "Box Meals" and "Pasta Sides." Lol. Yummy!
  • He's just so darn funny! And it's not an obvious funny. Most people probably wouldn't catch a lot of things, but subtle things he says and does that he doesn't even mean to be funny... those things make me laugh.
  • He is so unbelievably geeky. You don't even know. It makes me feel better about myself because people think that I'M geeky. Lol.
  • How chill he is. Even though it can get me frustrated when he never makes any decisions and I always have to choose what to do, it's nice that because of this, it never creates any arguments or conflicts.
  • Speaking of which, we never argue! Sure, he's made me mad or sad or cry or whatever a couple times, but never really intentionally. Honestly, I know some people who probably will never believe that it is not possible for me to argue because it's just in my nature. I always like Debate. But with Brad, we never argue. Not seriously. Maybe about nasty fat milk versus delicious skim milk, but that's it.
  • His hands are so soft! All the time!
  • How he scares me when he drives. It's like nice little adrenaline rushes, but still knowing that i'm safe because i'm with him.
  • How he holds my hand everywhere we go.
  • Pretty much the only thing he doesn't like about me is my vast amount of shoes. And I mean, what can I do about it? Nothing! I have to have my shoes!
  • He totally will watch chick flicks with me. And like them.
  • He will go shopping at 7 in the morning with me on the busiest shopping day of the year.
  • We have the same size feet and hands. I know this sounds like a strange one, but I love it! I love my humongo feet and man-hands, and the fact that Brad shares them with me is amazing!
  • I know this is classic cheesy girly stuff, but how he tells me i'm beautiful all the time. I mean, Brad has seen me when i've looked BAD. Like nasty, frizzy, gross, smelly bad. And he'll just look me straight in the eye and tell me i'm the most beautiful woman in the world. And even though I call him a liar everytime, it's still a nice thought. Haha.
  • He has more music on his computer than me. And that is seriously a huge feat right there.
  • He hurts when I hurt and because I hurt. That someone could care so much for me that it hurts them just because i'm in pain is so incredible. That's when you know it's love. I heard this in a movie or something, but it was like, "You know it's true love when you care more for the well-being of another person more than for yourself" or something like that.
  • He's so cuddly!
  • I love when we kiss while he's driving! I know this doesn't sound safe, and it really isn't at all, but kissing him while he's got both hands on the wheel and one eye on the road is such a rush! Lol!
  • How he thinks all the dumb little things I do are cute. I always just thought they were dumb. Guess not. Haha.
  • How he lets me fall asleep on him.
  • How our whole relationship is based on Lego Star Wars. :D
  • We never ever get bored of each other. I would give anything to spend every single SECOND with Brad for the rest of eternity. I mean, we would seriously never have to part. It would be amazing.
  • He cooks with me!
  • He's a computer/internet junkie, which is just perfect for me!
  • How he really does always seem to know the right then to say and when to say it. It kind of amazes me at how accurately he seems to understand just what it is I need to hear and when I need to hear it, whether he realizes it or not.
  • How he plays the piano. Screw the whole "Guys who play guitar are sexy" thing. Break me off a piece of that piano player!
  • How he;s listening to Twilight! He went and saw the movie with me and I kept trying to get him to read the books too, but he doesn't really ever have time to read, so he downloaded the audio books and we listened to em last week! He finished the first and the second one already and is currently downloading the third one! And he seems to like em, which is pretty sweet. Brad is SO my Edward.
  • He'll watch movies with me all day if I asked him too. I LOVE movies and most people think i'm crazy because I can watch movie after movie for the entire day, but Brad will totally sit around and watch with me!

So, I was planning on this being WAY longer, but my eyes are starting to get droopy, and even though I have tons more floating in my head right now, I really am about to fall asleep, so i'll post this for now and update the rest tomorrow.
I love you Brad!
For time and all eternity.

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Mike Brown said...

I love you Kimi! and I love Brad too!