Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here comes the bride...

I really wanted to post yesterday, but between then hours long drive, listening to Eclipse, and doing 360's on the highway due to ice, I didn't have much time.
The reason I wanted to post yesterday is because, well, it was exactly ONE WEEK until Brad and I get married!
Of course, now it's only 6 days, which is even better.
It's hard to contain my excitement.
Brad and I mention it every chance we get.
I bring it up in relief society, on facebook and myspace, in casual conversation, everywhere!
I can't even fathom how wonderful our life is going to be after January 3rd.
Brad is the most amazing man i've ever met, and I know he's going to be even more amazing as a husband, and someday, as a father.

We're up in Idaho right now, staying with my brother.
The snow is INSANE and I want to get out as soon as possible, but i've got to meet with my branch president in the next couple days to talk about what's going to happen in the temple, and after that, we'll take off on our journey to eternity.
Cheesy, I know. Haha.
Anyway, We'll get to Vegas on Friday, get married on Saturday, stay in Vegas a few days, then drive down to D-Town for the reception the following Saturday.
Then, sadly, it's back up here.
Though, i'm really not too bummed about living in Rexburg.
I'll be living with Brad and that's all that matters.

Christmas was nice.
Brad and I hung out at my parents house and just played games and watched movies and all around chilled.
I got a lot of weather related presents, so obviously my family knows my distaste for cold weather.
Two pairs of cozy socks, slippers, a down comforter, thermals, and an electric heater.
At least i'll stay warm here!
I would list my other presents, but that's not really what Christmas is about, so yeah.
I will say that I lvoe having Christmas with family.
Even though my little sister was being a huge snot the whole day, it was still nice to sit around early in the morning and just enjoy each others company.
I'm so excited to be starting my own family VERY soon!
Even if it does only include me and Brad.

Other than these big events, not much has happened.
Went and saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
It was pretty good, so I would recommend it.
Had my first pap smear.
That was an experience.
Moving into Brad and I's new apartment hopefully tomorrow.
I'll sleep over there and unpack stuff while Brad will probably keep sleeping at my Brother's for a couple nights until we drive back down for the wedding.

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