Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well, Brad and I have been making an effort to get out of the apartment more.
Well, I'VE been making more of an effort anyways, with objections from Brad.
But anyway, I just don't want to get apartment fever.

Other than normal shopping at the grocery store or having to buy random things from the drugstore, we hadn't been doing anything at all.
However, a couple nights ago, I told Brad we should go out for dinner, so we went to Craigos.
It was pretty good, but there's not as much crust as there used to be (economy?) so it wasn't as tasty in my opinion.
Still nice to actually go somewhere and sit down and eat food without the TV on in front of us.

My brother asked if we wanted to go out and play racquetball yesterday, but Brad didn't want to, so we didn't.
But today my brother called again, so after my visiting teachers came over, my brother came by to pick us up and we went ice skating.
I love ice skating!!
Then we went back to my brother's apartment, made sushi, and played some Wii.

We should be going to the movies soon too.
Yes, Man.
Hopefully it's funny.
Anyway, that's just a little quick update for now.
Once I clean up our bedroom, i'll take some pictures of our apartment and put them up on here.

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Anderson Family said...

I want Craigos!! No fair. Im jealous! And Brad, seriously...stop being a loser. I love you both...but you need a life!!!!