Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend: Part 1

It's always hard to go out and celebrate holidays when they're on a Sunday, so Brad and I started our Valentine's Day early.
We started out by going to the Broadway Revue concert on campus on Friday night.
Brad kept it a secret what we were doing until we got there, which was pretty silly, but fun.
We listened to students singing Broadway songs and just enjoyed spending some time together away from the apartment.
After the show, we went straight to a birthday party!
My friend Cynthia turned 23 and invited some couples from the ward to celebrate in the lounge here.
We played some games, ate cake, and just had a good time.
It was also fun because I actually knew everyone there, which always makes parties more enjoyable. :)
Saturday, we slept in until 10, which was HEAVENLY.
Then the gift that Brad got for me arrived in the mail, so Brad got pretty impatient for gifts and we opened them before we even had breakfast!
Brad got me the Pink edition of the Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book that i've been wanting for forever!
I can't tell you how excited I am to start cooking from this beautiful pink masterpiece.
He also went out later in the day to get me some gorgeous pink carnations :)
I won't tell you what Brad's gift was, but just know that he loved it.
After presents and whatnot, I made us some cinnamon rolls and we just hung out until around 5 when we left to go out to dinner. (I know. We eat dinner at 5. We're old, ok?)
We wanted to try someplace new so we went to Da Pineapple Grill, which is a Hawaiian-Asian place and it was really yummy.
Here we are waiting for our food!
It turned out to be a really nice day filled with love and giving each other mushy, lovey-dovey eyes.
Valentine's isn't over yet though!
Tomorrow I'm going to try and make cute romantic sweets and desserts and stuff, so that should be fun!
I'll be sure to take pictures and blog about it.

In other news, I let my hair go natural yesterday, so for all you "Kim has curly hair" skeptics out there, here's proof!
Brad also cleaned the dust out of my laptop fan.
He's so handy. :D
And this wouldn't be a real post without our baby girl making an appearance somewhere!

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend too, filled with lots of appreciation and love!


Mark&Lauren said...

You guys will have to try the teriyaki beef next time you go to the pineapple grill. it tastes just like the teriyaki beef I had when I was in Hawaii. I love ordering it whenever I go there :)

Kimi Jean said...

Well Brad actually got the Grilled Mix Plate and it had like, chicken ribs and beef I think. I dunno. It was all good. Lol.

Mark&Lauren said...

that sounds like something Mark would get.. and i think he actually has! now I'm craving that place!

Alissa said...

I totally have that cook book! got it for my bridal shower :) I'm not as happy about the pink color as you are though lol. I should use it more.
Oh, and be careful with it and make sure not to pour batter on it like Chad did to mine.

Your hair is cute curly, you should do curly hair more often! Some of us have to spend hours curling our hair.

Sunshine said...

what a sweet husband