Tuesday, February 16, 2010


(Baby name hint: the first letter of her name is somewhere in the title of this blog)

Dang, I have seriously been on top of the blogging lately!
Anyway, I just wanted to post about mine and Brad's first official baby purchase.

I've been looking at baby clothes for hours on end the last couple weeks and finally yesterday I decided to buy one!
We headed to Ross, because I just love Ross!, and bought a little 3-piece set.
It's got a little shirt-dress, a onesie, and some pants.
Unfortunately, they didn't have anything in newborn/0-3 month sizes that were cute, so the outfit probably won't fit her for a couple months, but that's ok.
I know, everyone is surprised it took me this long to start buying baby things, but as Brad says "immediate needs first," so we've been putting it off.
Anyway, I just love the little chick on the outfit and the bright yellow buttons.
They make me smile so much. :)

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Alissa said...

I guess you're not naming her Jean then. That's not much of a hint! It could be any name starting with one of 6 letters. ...Kimberly Jr. maybe?

I was a little surprised that you JUST got clothes too, though you'll probably get lots of clothes at a baby shower (if you're getting one) and I'm sure there will be people who will give you clothes that they don't need anymore. Same with other baby stuff, so maybe it's smart to wait awhile.