Monday, April 19, 2010


Last week, Brad somehow got a craving for Belgian Waffles.
The sugary kind, not the typical American kind.
Anyway, we drove to a few different stores in IF looking for either vanilla sugar or pearl sugar and found neither.
He ended up just making his own kind of vanilla sugar.
We also went to Target to make our baby registry and buy a waffle iron, but back to the Liege Waffles.
It was SO fun watching Brad in the kitchen.
He didn't know where anything was, so it was pretty funny.
I decided to document the process in pictures. :)

Mixing the chunks of sugar into the batter. Liege Belgian Waffles are known for being buttery and sugary, so they have big chunks of sugar in them that ooze and carmelize while cooking.

Here we go, first one! And our brand new waffle maker.

There's the first one, all crunchy and sugary on the outside.

Look how cute he is with our pink oven mitt!

Brad's creepy eyes. Haha.
He thought they turned out pretty well and considering I don't really like waffles, I thought they were pretty good too.
He made them last Thursday night and his last day of work on campus was the following morning, so he got up for work early and made a bunch to bring for his co-workers.

Speaking of his job, his last week he was able to work 8 hours a day, whereas he was working 2-3 hours a day previously.
He would come home SO tired and was constantly falling asleep everywhere- on my shoulder, on the couch, sitting in front of his computer, playing the xbox, etc...

In other news, we really enjoyed last week, despite the fact that it snowed on Monday and Tuesday.
A LOT of people were out of town, so the parking lot was always empty. :)
We also spent some time with our friends Cynthia and Jon.
On Tuesday, we went over to their place and shared leftover pulled pork.
Both Brad and I and Cynthia and Jon had made pulled pork for dinner on Sunday! We thought it was a funny coincidence and decided to share our leftovers with each other.
After we ate, Jon and Brad left to help another couple move while Cynthia and I played this fun strategy game called Acquire.
Then after that, me and Cyn took off to watch "The Last Song" at the theater and the boys played some video games.
Then Friday, they came over to our apartment for dinner and games.
I decided to try and make everything homemade and let them all be my guinea pigs.
I made my own alfredo sauce, tossed it with some penne and chicken that I cooked up, and served homemade french bread on the side.
They all said it tasted good, so I guess i'll believe them.
I'm just always so skeptical about my cooking.
We then played Acquire again, this time with the guys, and I won! Yay!
Then we played Flux (I love that game!) and Cyn and I had some good girl talk while the boys played more video games.
It was a fun week and i'm so excited for the weeks to come (Summertime!)

This week I'm determined to be outside a lot.
The weather today was 70 and sunny, so Brad and I made several trips to the laundry room (I had a LOT to catch up on), we tried to get the scooter started after a long winter (which we couldn't get it to work. Guess we'll try again later.), we browsed the closing sale at Hollywood Video and then got smoothies at Jamba Juice.
Overall a good day for getting my hubby out of the apartment. Lol.
Tomorrow i've got my next prenatal check-up.
Just another routine thing where I wait for half an hour only for the doc to tell me everything is going perfect and to come back in a couple weeks.
Oh, we kind of got out health insurance thing figured out, but they'll only cover the costs if there are complications, so everything else will just be paid by us, but oh well.
At least we'll be covered if anything goes wrong.
On Wednesday we'll be heading down to Utah for a few days.
We haven't gotten out of Idaho in far too long and i've got a serious itch to travel.
We'll be staying with Jenna and her family until at least Saturday.
I plan on spending at least a few hours at Ikea on one of the days we're down there. :D
Friday and Saturday there is some kind of women's expo at UVU, so i'll be checking that out with Jenna while Brad will watch our little nieces.
Saturday, my aunt is throwing me a family baby shower, which i'm really excited for!
Then, we'll probably leave late Saturday afternoon, early enough so that we can stop at Costco in Pocatello on the way home.
The toilet paper and paper towels I bought there last August have finally just about run out.

The weather, the friends, the traveling.... nothing can keep me down!
Not even the return of everyday morning sickness and overwhelming fatigue.

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