Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is springing!

The snow is all melted!
This week should be pretty awesome. A LOT of people are out of town because the semester ended last Friday, so the parking lots and roads have been empty, which is just wonderful. Also, the temperature got above 65 today! I wanted to go on a picnic but when I asked Brad he immediately said no.
So, I decided to just go by myself. I made a lunch and packed a beach towel and a book to read and as I was getting ready to head out the door, Brad asked me what i was doing.
He said "Going on a picnic?"
"With me?"
"With who?"
And then he got all sad and said he couldn't let me go by myself because he's my husband and he didn't know I was serious about wanting to go and whatnot, so we packed him a lunch too and he came along.
I appreciated him joining me, but it meant I wouldn't really get to lay out in the grass and read like I wanted to, but oh well.
It ended up being pretty windy anyway. We just went to Smith Park, ate our lunches, and then came home. I would have liked to have done something else since we were already out of the apartment, but that was a no-go.

Here we are!
Can you tell i'm just a little bit tired? Haha.
Tomorrow i'm going too see Last Song with my friend Cynthia, which should be fun! It's been nice hanging out with more girls lately.
OH! I almost forgot, someone stole my identity!
Kind of. We noticed a couple charges in our bank account that were definitely NOT made by either one of us, so we talked to the bank and cancelled our cards and filed claims...
I'm pretty sure it was my debit card info that was used because the bank's fraud center called my cell phone number instead of Brad's to confirm the suspicious activity or whatever.
$499 to does not fly with us and whoever did this had better get in trouble!
Taking money from a poor little pregnant woman.
Anyway, it's all a pain in the butt because now both Brad and I have to change our info for a million things like car insurance, health insurance, netflix, amazon...
I just don't understand how anyone got the info in the first place! We only trust our number with seriously trusted sites. :(
Oh well. The bank said we should get the money put back in and we've got new cards on the way.
Kind of puts a damper on my happy week, but nothing can keep me down, especially when rain is in the weather forecast. :D

Her is how Brad spends most of his time. Lol. (Thats a little xbox 360 mic he has on)
Peace out!

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