Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Little Spring Break

In order to get the heck out of Idaho for a bit, I planned a little trip to Utah for Brad and myself.
We drove down to Jenna and Travis' place on Wednesday afternoon, listening to "The Hunger Games" on the way.
I am SO glad that Brad is finally reading... er, listening... to this book!
It's seriously an awesome series.
After getting to American Fork, I went with Jenna while she did a little bit of grocery shopping and while we were out, she told me that Train was playing in Salt Lake City on Thursday night!
So when we got home, I looked up the time and ticket prices and whatnot and Travis picked up some tickets for Brad and I on his way home.
That night we played some games and then Brad and I stayed up and watched the Avatar blu-ray that Travis went and bought at midnight.
Thursday was an exciting day!
They've been one of my favorite bands for a very long time now and I have all of their songs about 97% memorized. Lol.
We went out for lunch with Jenna and the girls to Costa Vida and then Jenna and I played a card game called Hand and Foot until Brad and I left for the concert.
We got in around 5:30 and apparently Train wasn't playing until 8:30 (there were a few bands and it was in a big outdoor amphitheater kind of thing with food booths and stuff) so there was a bit of waiting around.
We shared a funnel cake and bought a couple sodas and listened to a couple local bands and then found our way down into the standing crowd where we ended up for the following 3 1/2 hours.
Some guy named Karl Wolff was on first and I think I recognized one of his songs.
He's the dude in the purple shirt.
Next on was some band called Hey Monday, but I didn't get any pictures of them.
They were pretty good and i've heard one or two of their songs come up on while I'm doing housework. Lol.
Then we had to wait what seemed like forever for Train to come on.
Our legs were killing us from standing so long (and from having an extra 30 pounds hanging off the front of me) but that couldn't kill my anticipation!!!
Finally they came on and they sang a bunch of stuff.
I sang along with every sang and did a little bit of dancing and screaming.
It was so fun!
I took one video, which I tried to load but it didn't work.
But when I started to record another song, my camera batteries died!
I can't believe I didn't think to bring extra batteries!
Oh well.
The memory will forever live on in my mind. :)
It was awesome and now i've only got three more musicians to see before I die, since i've already seen N*sync and Brightwood: Maria Mena, Michelle Branch, and Dishwalla, although they've broken up. :(

Today, I spent some me time at Ikea, eating meatballs and lingonberries and buying items at great prices. :)
Soon after I got back, Jenna and I left to go to a Women's Expo at UVU.
There were a lot of different booths and it was pretty neat.
Jenna and I both bought some cute flats for $10 and I wish I could have purchased some of the cute baby stuff they had, but it was all a little too exensive.
We left the expo after a little over an hour, then brought Travis lunch at work and headed home.
Tonight, we're all gonna play some 7-Up, Ticket to Ride, and maybe another game or two.
Tomorrow, my aunt if throwing me a little family baby shower, so that should be fun.
After it's over, Brad and I will head back up to Rexburg.
It's been a nice little get-away and probably our last one for a while, so i'm glad we tried to make the most of it.

Oh, on Tuesday (the day before we left) Brad and I went to nature park to feed our bread leftovers to the duckies!
We had two loaves of bread that only had the butt ends left, a couple pieces of stale sourdough, and we had some leftover french bread from the previous friday, so I figured we could feed them to the ducks rather than throw them away before we left town.
Nature love! Haha.
Eating a piece of sourdough.

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