Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shaved Ice, Cinema, and Sunburn.

An update on what Brad and I have been up to the past week.
I don't remember when (last Thursday maybe?) but Brad and I went to Tropical Sno up the road and got some shaved ice.
Brad got green apple, yuck, and I got strawberry and lime, yum!
Earlier in the day (It was Thursday, I remember now), my RS president came by to visit and get to know me a little better.
She's super nice and I would have liked to talk more, but she had to bring her two little boys with her who were starting to act up, so the visit was cut short.
After shaved ice, Brad dropped me off to head to the Inn at Rio Rancho for a job interview!
I found an ad at this hotel for a night audit and told Brad to stop by for an application, and he actually did!
However, the man who was supposed to interview him apparently wasn't actually working that day, so the day manager told Brad she would give him a call on Saturday.
Well, come Saturday, there was no call, so Brad called in to see what was up and the guy said he would be doing interviews probably Sunday or Monday and to wait for a call.
Well, it's now late Tuesday night, and no call.
Brad will give em a ring tomorrow, but the way this is going, it's probably all a waste of our time.

On a happier note, we went and saw "Up!" on Friday.
It was really cute and I cried during a lot of it.
Man, I love Disney & Pixar movies.

Today, I packed a picnic, a bag full of games to play, a book to read, Brad's DS, and a blanket and dragged Brad to the park with me.
The picnic was yummy, at least to me.
I made turkey sandwiches then packed some quaker cheddar cheese rice snacks (pick some up. They are delish!!), thin mint girl scout cookies, an apple, to be healthier, and some juice and plastic cups.
I started to read a little bit, but Brad kept complaining about how hot is was (80 degrees? Seriously Brad?) so I suggested we play a card game.
I pulled out Monopoly Deal, and unfortunately we weren't able to finish because the wind picked up.
Overall, we were only out there about an hour and 20 minutes, but i've got a nice red and painful sunburn.
Yes, I know, use sunscreen as Brad keeps telling me, but I purposely didn't put sunscreen on, so there!
I really just wanted a very light burn because light burns always turn into tans on me.
I figured since we were only out an hour, I probably wouldn't have gotten any kind of burn, but I guess the sun is hotter in New Mexico because obviously I have proof of it.

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