Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rain drops keep falling on my head...

On Thursday night,I went to my first professional baseball game!
I went with Brad, Gary, Rachel, and the girls to see the Albuquerque Isotopes.
Apparently some dude from the Dodgers was supposed to be playing, so the guys were all excited.
Anyway, as soon as we started to park, it started to POUR rain!
It was absolutely insane, so we waited in the car for a while until it lightened before we decided to walk to the stadium.
We got in, found a place to sit on the Berm? (The grass area) and then went to get some food from the vendors.
This whole time, it's on and off sprinkling, with the occasional insane rain.
The crew people kept taking the tarp on and off of the ground? field? Can you tell I don't know the lingo?
Anyway, we were all getting soaking wet, and then the announcer dude told everyone that the guy from the Dodgers wouldn't be playing due to the weather.
Big bummer.
So because of the cold rain and the lack of this Major league player, we left after only two innings.
Kind of lame for me, since it was my first real game and I didn't get to stay for the whole thing, but I suppose not getting ANOTHER cold would be a good thing, considering i've already been sick twice in the past month.
We only took a few pictures since I didn't want my camera to get wet, but here they are.
There's a couple more on Brad's blog if you want to check it out.

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Code80 said...

I like the seating area I wish ours was more like that.