Friday, June 5, 2009


I've been in a bit of a blog slump lately.
I just can't seem to find anything to write about!
Sure, little things happen and I think "I want to blog and tell people about this!" but generally it would be a couple sentences and the story would be over, so i've just been saving it all up.

Funny thing!
Yesterday we had the missionaries over for dinner while Rachel was at her church.
After dinner, Gary loaded the dishwasher and ran it.
Well, when Rachel got home, she came in through the garage which opens into the kitchen, and none of us had been in the kitchen since the dishwasher was loaded, but as soon as she came in she asked "What happened to the dishwasher?!" Brad and I went into the kitchen and there was a pool of bubbles coming from the bottom of the dishwasher!
Apparently, Brad's dad had used dish soap rather than dishwasher soap, and it was so funny!

I've been applying to jobs like crazy and even filling out applications for Brad, but no one is responding.
Today I answered a few craigslist ads, so hopefully i'll get some kind of response.
I'm not even worried about making money anymore.
Now I'm just worried about dying of boredom!

Brad, Gary, and I went to the temple today to do some sealings, and of course I started to get faint again.
Something about kneeling on my knees for too long just drains all the blood from my head.
It's a super sucky feeling and it ruins my temple experience!
But, can't change my body I guess. :/

Gary and Rachel have a subscription to "Albuquerque Magazine" and I love looking through them!
They've got all the local events happening and places to eat.
it's so fun.
In fact, the June edition just came in the mail today and as I was looking through it, I found out that starting in a couple of weeks, they are going to be showing old movies in a park on Fridays for free!
The lineup so far is "War of the Worlds" the old one, "West Side Story," "The Outsiders," and "Grease."
I will definitely be dragging Brad to a few of these.

I also found this website listed in the back of the magazine, and i've been browsing it for half an hour now!
Ch-ch-ch-check it out!
The Spoon Sisters

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Debbie said...

i'M GLAD YOU BLOG, Kim! At least I can keep tabs on what you are up to.