Thursday, July 23, 2009

El Canyon Grande

So, 6 weeks earlier than originally planned, Brad and I left New Mexico.
We'll be staying in Rexburg for the 7 week break from school and hopefully it will be easier to find jobs this way since a lot of the students have gone home.
Since we don't need to be up there at any specific time, we decided to take our time.
Brad asked me if I wanted to stop anywhere so the first place I said was "The Grand Canyon!"
Neither of us have ever been, and while it wasn't exactly "on the way," what better time is there than the present?
We found a cheap little motel in Flagstaff to stay the night before our adventure.
Flagstaff is about an hour and a half away from the Canyon, so it was far enough away to avoid the crazy tourist prices, but close enough that we didn't have a long way to drive in the morning.

This is the outside of the motel. Saga Budget Host Inn. Haha.
Our dingy little room. It was a tad smelly and the towels had questionable stains on them, but the sheets were clean, "13 Going on 30" was on TV, and we had Del Taco, so I was happy.
After our drive, we paid for entrance to the park (and I bought a T-shirt) and then drove into the park.

This is our first view of the Canyon.
There were all these ledges that you had to climb down to, so I went and sat on the very edge, hung my legs over the side, and took this picture of my foot in midair above this vast, deep canyon. Needless to say, Brad didn't climb down to the ledge with me. He stayed up behind the guard rails and was worried to death about me the whole time.
Just a picture of Brad looking out.
This is me sitting on one of the ledges. If I had fallen over, I would have died. It was so sweet. I love adrenalin.
Brad's such a cutie.
On another ledge. I zoomed in and took a picture of Brad. This is right before we got in a mini-fight because I was scaring Brad by being so close to the edges, and I wanted him to be more adventurous.
It was a little cloudy when we were there, so I had to touch the pictures up a bit, but the colors were so beautiful.
I turned on the self-timer and set my camera on a trash can to take this picture. Haha. And if you look close enough, I totally look pregnant in this picture! (In reality, it's just my chunkiness)
Click on this picture! I took a bunch of photos next to each other and then made a panorama on my computer. It's pretty sweet.
This wasn't even at the Grand Canyon. This was on our drive up To Utah. Lake Powell. I just thought the blue was SO gorgeous in contrast to the rest of the area.

Anyway, it was pretty awesome.
Now we're staying at Jenna and Travis' for a few days before heading up to our furniture-less apartment for the next few weeks!
I'm lovin' our life. :)

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Katrina said...

nice pictures- and I'm with Brad, you should be more careful!