Friday, July 17, 2009

Second Week in Cali

(Sorry there are no pictures for this post)

Our second week in California wasn't near as exciting.
We had only planned on staying a week, so the extra seven days weren't really planned out.
My youngest sister, along with both my parents, headed up to Girl's Camp for the week, so Brad and I were "housesitting" for the week.

Sunday night, Nicole, Jeni and I had a sleepover!
Nicole's parents were out of town, so we watched a chick flick, ate popcorn, looked at pictures of our significant other's ex's.
In the morning, we went out to breakfast and then Jeni and Nicole were off to work.
Monday is when everyone left for camp.
Marci cleans a veterinary clinic every night, so I took over her job while she was gone.
Yay for a hundred dollars!
Most of the week, we didn't really do anything at all.
I went with Jeni to my home ward's relief society enrichment, where my aunt from Yucaipa was giving a lesson on emergency preparation and I ate 4 delicious cupcakes.
I don't remember which day it was, but Brad and I went to Best Buy to look at some laptops.
The last few months, Brad's been having small little problems with his laptop, and I guess the desert heat was the last straw for his lappy, because the screen stopped working.
So, we went to look at laptops, and ended up just buying a new one right then and there.
Brad seems to love it, so i'm happy for him.
Thursday, I woke up early to drive out to Coachella.
My sister Katrina hired me to clean the first floor of her house, so there was another 150!
I promised I wouldn't post any pictures of her house, but I'll just say it wasn't the most fun cleaning job.
Not too revealing, Katrina?
Anyway, Saturday is when they returned from girls camp.
We helped bring some things in from the motor home, and then just hung out while everyone rested for a bit.
Marci was going to a youth dance saturday night where my dad was going to be a chaperone, so she headed over to her bf Mario's house to let him know.
She left his house so he could get ready for the dance, and on the way home, she crashed the scooter!
Well, she didn't really crash it.
More like, she fell off and rolled a few times.
She called me and I took Brad and drove quickly to where she fell off.
I drove her home while Brad drove the scooter back.
My parents fixed her all up and she seemed to be ok in a few hours.
Luckily, her helmet pretty much saved her.
We had planned on going to church on Sunday, but somehow we both managed to sleep until 12:30, when everyone else got back form church!
Brad and I went over to Jeni's later in the day to play some board games and then ended up bringing Jeni back to my parent's house to play some more, since Brad wanted to go home and eat something.
We left early on Monday morning and got back to NM Monday night.

It's funny how I go through this cycle when I visit home.
Before we go to CA, I am SUPER excited.
Then when I get there, I'm so happy to be home for like, a day.
Then I regret ever coming down for the next couple days.
Then I start to get comfortable and never want to leave.
Then about a day or two before we leave, I can't wait to get out of there.
Then the day we leave, i'm super sad to be going.
After the whole trip, I get excited for the next time we'll be going down.

Right now, I just would love to be back there.
Family, friends, the heat, the pool, the people...
Man, I could live in Southern California for the rest of my life.

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