Thursday, July 16, 2009

First week in Cali

Brad and I arrived in California on Monday, June 29th.
If I remember correctly, we didn't do anything Monday night except sit around and relax after the 10 hour drive.
Tuesday, I was able to hang out with my good friend Nikki!
We went to the dollar theater in Cathedral City and saw Monsters vs. Aliens.
Afterwards, we made some stops at Auto stores since Nikki is looking for a cute steering wheel cover, but no luck.
It was no nice to catch up, because I rarely get to see her.
Wednesday, I worked on some scrapbooking that i've been putting off for months.
Our wedding album.
However, as of right now, I still only have 3 pages done.
Oh well.
Wednesday night, my oldest sister came down with her husband and MY NIECES!
I LOVE seeing my nieces, especially when Zara is able to come over too!
Three adorable little girls running around. :)
Thursday, A bunch of us went to the San Diego Zoo!
The "party" included myself and Brad, Laura, her husband Ben, their kids Jordyn and Avery, Marci and her bf Mario, and my sister Katrina.

That night, there was a JeNiKim reunion!
Jeni, Nicole and Kim, that is.
We made our usual trip to Walmart with a stop at Dennys after.
I didn't get home until 4 in the morning!
Man, I love my best friends!
Friday, while Brad, Ben, and Buddy went out paintballing, my parents and I were able to attend a Temple Sealing!
One of my oldest friends, Elizabeth, got married in the San Diego temple.
It was beautiful, and I started bawling, and it was just a wonderful day.

On the drive home, we stopped at Old Town Rootbeer Co. in Old Town Temecula to pick up some root beer for Brad that he hadn't had since his mission.
My dad ended buying tons of stuff!
He's a bit of a beverage buff it seems.
Saturday was CRAZY!
Elizabeth's reception was in the afternoon, so I slept in and went to reception at noon.
There was TONS of good food and I gorgeous wedding video her uncle had made.
Overall, it was really nice, though I didn't get many pictures because the lighting wasn't super good for pictures.
Immediately afterwards, my mom and I headed to the grocery store because I needed to buy some things for my BBQ later that evening.
Unfortunately, we were at the store to long and I was pretty rushed to get things done.
In the end, I didn't get really anything done that I wanted to, and I was in a bad mood for most of the night, but once our family and close friends showed up, my mood lightened.
We had TONS of glowsticks, which was pretty awesome, TONS of fireworks, and TONS of good times. :)

The whole week was so fun and I forget how much I miss my family sometimes.
It's crazy to think that next time we're all together like that, there'll be a new little girl among us!

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Jenna Anderson said...

Kim!! I didn't know Laura was even pregnant! Congrats on getting a new niece soon! Fun fun!