Saturday, July 11, 2009

It Never Rains in Southern California

I know... I haven't updated since i've been here in Cali.
I just feel like i've been so busy!
I did write an UBER long update on Sunday about the previous week, and then when I tried to upload pictures, the whole thing froze up and I lost everything.
So basically, I was very aggravated and have put off updating.
I'm still not fully updating, however.
I promise I will in a few days.
We'll be going back to New Mexico on Monday and I'll update on Tuesday, yeah?
It'll be a nice chunky one, so be prepared!

Just a little quickie:
We've been here for almost two weeks.
I LOVE it and miss this valley so much, especially the summer nights.
I earned 250 dollars while being here.
And we spent 1200 on a new laptop for Brad.
Marci got into a scooter accident today, but she'll be fine.
San Diego Zoo.
San Diego Temple.
Elizabeth's wedding.
Elizabeth's reception.
Church with Jeni and Elizabeth.
Cleaning the vet clinic.
Girls camp.
Cleaning my sister's house.

There is much to tell.

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