Sunday, January 3, 2010

365 days of Brad.

I wasn't going to post again until my next baby appointment, but since today IS mine and Brad's anniversary, I suppose I could do a mushy love post.

I bore a short testimony today in Relief Society about what a blessing it is to have been sealed to my companion for eternity and to be able to be starting our family and know that our children can be with us forever.
I almost started to cry up there just thinking about how wonderful and blessed my life is because of Brad and our marriage and the knowledge that we have of God's plan and eternal families.
But, since I was already up there with tired eyes, a sore throat from puking all day, and bare, swollen feet, I figured that crying would just add to the pregnancy cliche too much.
So I sat down before I got too emotional.
Anyway, I am just so grateful for the life that we have and are going to have for the rest of forever.

The past year seems to have flown by so quickly, but when I read over our Christmas letter for this year (which never did get mailed out. :( I'm going to get on top of Christmas cards early next year!) I realize just how much we've done, where we've been, how we've grown, and how we're (mostly my tummy) is still growing.
I feel like we made a lot of effort to spend time with our families this past year and i'm so glad we did.
California, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Utah....
It's just been son wonderful to get closer to those we hold closest to our hearts.
I'm even more thankful that we tried to devote so much time to our families, because this coming year we'll be able to spend even more time with our own little family.
A family that we have created and built together, as one.
It's going to be such an exciting, albeit trying, time but we are so looking forward to it.

To some people, one year is such a long time.
I mean, celebrities get married three of four times in the span of one year!
To me though, this first year is only the very teeny tiny tip of the beginning.
And i'm very excited to continue our journey into infinity.

Now that my random, mostly nonsensical, blurb is over, I can tell you about how much I love Brad!
Well, it's quite a lot so I couldn't really write it down, but I can express my appreciation for him here!
The last couple months, mostly the last couple weeks, have been really hard for me.
Let's just say that pregnancy does NOT agree with me.
Thankfully, Brad has been there for me at every moment.
Although the apartment isn't quite as clean as it used to be, and we seem to be eating a lot more frozen pizza and mac and cheese, he does make such an effort to make me feel better and try to cover my "housewife" kind of duties.
Honestly, even though you'd think I would really enjoy the break, it hurts me so much that I can't cook up a nice dinner every night, I can't do the dishes for more than a few minutes, I can barely stay awake to watch a movie with my husband.
I have such a need to cook and clean and care for my house and my husband but it's so hard lately and I can barely stand it!
Luckily I have such an amazing supportive guy there for me.
He's the only one that is keeping a smile on my face through everything and I feel more and more grateful for him everyday.
I can only imagine what a great father he is going to turn out to be.
I love you Bradley!

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