Saturday, January 30, 2010

Free... Free... $20?!

Today was more eventful than most, and i'm definitely feeling the after effects of it.
The next couple months of rest from work are going to be amazing.
Anyway, back to today.
First thing in the morning, the two children I've been nannying were dropped off at our apartment.
Their parents were meeting with a girl about being the new nanny, so I happily agreed to watch them for a couple hours.
After they got picked up Brad left for a group project meeting and I got ready to go bowling!
Our ward was having a social at Teton Lanes and everyone got to bowl one game for free, and since i've been wanting to go bowling for months, going for free was even better!
I got there and none of the people from the ward that I really knew were there!
I felt so alone and was texting Brad about how lonely I was and whatnot.
My hormones started to get to me as I was sitting by myself at one of the lanes and I was about to start crying when the Relief Society second counselor asked me to come play with her and her husband.
Thank goodness.
I really did NOT want to start crying in the middle of the bowling alley.
Soon after I joined her and her husband, Stephanie and Hans showed up (my visiting teaching companion and her husband) and I started to feel much better.
People I knew!
So they joined our team and we bowled away.
It wasn't my best game, a 99, but my first game never is.
If we had been able to play a few more games for free, I guarantee I would have gotten a good 150 at the end.
I always get better later, but oh well.
Brad and I got home around the same time and I was planning on going to SnowFest here in Rexburg for an hour or so, but then a movie came on that we both wanted to watch, and you know...
We didn't end up going. Haha.
BUT, if we had gone, everything would have been free!
-Free is the key word in this blog-
Around 7:30 we decided to go play some pool at a billiard place that recently opened up in town.
The place is owned by Cajun Bob, this crazy old man who talked to us all about how plastic cards are the reason for bankrupty and how women shouldn't be in the workplace, and his disappointment in women who can't even boil water.
He also talked about the 4 missions that him and his wife went on and how he's a high school drop-out who is now a multi-millionaire.
It was all pretty entertaining.
Anyway, he told us the cost for playing pool was $8 a person for 2 hours and since we didn't have any cash (which led to the credit cards are evil discussion) he let us play for one hour for free.
There's the word free again!
Brad won every game, of course, but it was still fun.
The first game, I hadn't hit in a single ball while Brad was just going for the 8 ball.
I ended up scratching and also hitting the 8 ball in on the same shot and therefore losing the game.
The second game I scratched on the break, so I lost again.
The third game however, Brad scratched on the break so technically I won, but we continued to play and Brad ended up winning.
In my defense, the last game was pretty close at the end.
We stopped playing after only 30 minutes because I wasn't feeling very well and we were both starving.
To my surprise, Brad took us out to eat at an actual restaurant!
Let me tell you, I am still shocked an hour later.
We went to Gringos and the bill, with tip, was $20 which we thought was a little pricey, but the food was pretty good so we didn't complain.
I guess I just feel like Mexican Food should always be $5 and under, you know?
Not $8 or $9 for a burrito, but oh well.
Anyway, it was the only thing we paid for all day, so I don't mind.
Unfortunately, now i've got a hundred things that feel icky but one fun day was worth it.

As far as work goes, the parents have found a new nanny!
The one they met with earlier today.
The only problem is that she can't watch them from 7:30-9:30 on Tues and Thurs mornings.
They asked me if I would be willing to watch them for those days, but I finally stood my ground and said no.
Waking up early to drive 20 minutes in the ice and snow to watch the kids for only 2 hours is definitely not worth it.
They found a friend in Rigby who could watch the kids for those couple hours, but since that family is out of town this upcoming week, I said I could do it for just this next week.
We'll see how it goes.
I need to do some laundry anyway since after I stop nannying for them, we won't be able to do it for free anymore.

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