Friday, January 29, 2010

Don't Take Me Shopping.

I had a bit of an emotional breakdown today.
And poor Brad was there as my hormonal, emotional victim.
This next bit might be TMI, but it's vital to the story, so I apologize.

I've REALLY been needing to go bra shopping lately.
Being pregnant, my body is getting bigger and bigger, you know?
Well, the thing is, I HATE bra shopping.
Always have.
The only thing that ever made it bearable was going with my mom and little sister, but since I don't have them up here with me, I was a little lost.
My good friend Ana is out of town and I just didn't have anyone to go with besides my husband.
We went to Ross, since we're poor, and I just kind of got upset and left the store after only a few minutes.
Brad was just wandering around on his own and thinking about walking over to Best Buy and I just really wanted someone to support me!
To help me find the right size and say what's cute and at least stand with me.
But Brad isn't really that kind of person and I ended up being a bit of a baby about it all and we left.
He drove over to the mall and I asked him to leave me alone for a bit, so I sat in the car and cried my eyes out for a while while he walked in the mall.
After practicing how to explain to Brad how I felt without crying, I walked into the mall and told him and it was all just dramatic and dumb and whatnot.
We ended up at Victoria's Secret where I got something (my first purchase at that store ever) and everything was ok afterwards.
I just needed to blog about this to remind myself to warn Brad about my hormones next time i'm pregnant.
I've become a bit of a crying crazy person.

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Stephanie and Hans Petrich said...

You should've asked me! i would have loved to go with you! Were you in Idaho Falls last night? we were there too! i could have met you and helped you. and then brad and Hans could have gone and looked at computers or something :) Anyways, let me know if you want to go shopping or do girl stuff! I would love to keep you company!