Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pregnancy Brain

You've all heard of Pregnancy Brain, right?
Well, i've got it.
I can't remember all of the specific "incidents" of my forgetfulness and general absence from the world, but a rather funny one happened yesterday.

Brad leaves for work a little before 4 every morning and always comes in to kiss me goodbye while i'm still in bed.
Yesterday morning, he came in and asked me where the car keys were.
I told him that they were probably in my coat pocket, since that's where they usually are, and he didn't come back so I guessed he found them right where I said.
When he got home at 7, right before I was about to leave for work, he told me exactly where he found the car keys.
In the lock on the outside of our front door!
I guess when we got home from grocery shopping last night, I left the keys in the door after I unlocked it.

"What to Expect..." calls it absentmindedness.
I just call it funny.

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